How to Use White Eyeliner? 16 Mesmerizing Looks to Inspire You in 2023

by Kristiyana

Are you looking to try a new trendy makeup look this summer? Well, you are in luck girls, because the white eyeliner look is back in the spotlight this season! Many celebrities like Rihanna, Bella Hadid and Margot Robbie have been spotted wearing white eyeliner, and it seems that this will be THE item you must always have in your makeup kit for summer 2023. But how to use a white eyeliner or pencil to elevate your appearance? And why is everyone so obsessed with the waterline hack? Keep on reading to find out!

How to Use White Eyeliner in 2023?

white pencil makeup ideas

A white eyeliner or pencil can be used for multiple purposes when doing your makeup. Apart from the classic white winged eyeliner, some women also use it to define their eyebrow shape or even lips. This colour of eyeliner can create an angelic and serene look, ideal for summer. Can you just picture it on your tan skin? And with a cute white crop top? Ah, perfect! Let’s now get inspired by some outstanding white eyeliner makeup looks that will definitely put you in the spotlight this season.

White Eyeliner Looks to Try in 2023

amazing white liner looks


To enhance the classic winged liner look, this take here frames the outer corners of the eyes by creating an eye-catching white graphic eyeliner (no pun intended), which is actually quite simple to make by yourself. Just stretch the shape of your liner with either a pencil or white liquid eyeliner. Continue by adding a wing to your top lash line and bring it inwards along your lid crease. Perfect!

Create White Eyeliner Wings at Your Corners

white eyeliner cat eye

Want to add some magic to your look without trying too hard? Opt for cute tiny white eyeliner wings at the corners of your eyes. I often perform this trick when I am in a hurry to go out, but want to still get a few compliments from my friends about my makeup. For me, once you learn to make the wing, you can never forget it. But you better practice to achieve that perfect fairy wings shape!

The White Eyeliner on Waterline Trick

white eyeliner pencil

I mean, you couldn’t possibly have missed out on hearing about this trick, right? The legend tells us, that a white eyeliner or pencil on your waterline will make your eyes look bigger. I remember me and my girlfriends putting white pencil liner on our waterlines when we were in the 8th grade. I still sometimes do it. It’s a cute trick, and I believe it works! The white eye makeup instantly opens up your eyes and brightens them up. Worth the try, right?

Apply a White Liner to Your Inner Corners

white eyeliner for waterline

Apart from the super useful white eyeliner trick on your waterline, did you know this simple makeup tool does wonders when placed at the corners of your eyes as well? Next time you are applying a white liner or pencil on your waterline, go a step further and apply some at your corners too. This trick will beautifully brighten the look of your eyes. And it works great with any eyeshadow combination. After you have applied your eyeshadow, just add some white liner to your corners to create a dreamy and mesmerizing makeup look.

Black and White Eyeliner Combination

how to do white eyeliner

Instead of only opting for a classic black eyeliner or a white one, why not do both? This makeup look incorporates both of these defining colours to give your eyes drama and make them pop. The black liner wing is complemented by a fox-eye white eyeliner, which is perfect to wear for a night out with the girls. And, it’s quite easy to make if you know how to do a classic winged eyeliner.

Using a White Liner All Around Your Eyes

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Want to try a white eyeliner look that will get you a lot of head-turns (hopefully positive ones)? Try Ariana Grande’s statement white liner makeup, as the one in her “Rain On Me” music video. It’s a quite simple design, yet it can take some practice until you master doing the sharp and defined angles. To make it easier on yourself, better to use a white eyeliner pen. You can even add some sparkly embellishments to get that Euphoria-inspired trendy makeup look.

Glitter Up Your White Eyeliner Look

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Wishing you could spice up your basic white winged eyeliner? Get inspired by some glitter makeup ideas and add a touch of sparkle to create a look that is out of this world. You can go even further by adding small pearls along your lash line, like Kristen Stewart’s white eyeliner right here. There is no way your makeup will go unnoticed now!

More White Eyeliner Looks to Try in 2023

white eyeliner under eye

Festival white eyeliner makeup with star freckles

sparkly white eyeliner

Statement white eyeliner makeup with subtle cross

white eyeliner waterline

White liner to define your colourful makeup

white eyeliner makeup

Cute white eyeliner zigzag wisps

white eyeliner look

The defined crease winger white liner look 

white eyeliner makeup ideas

Beautiful and elegant thin white eyeliner cat eye

white eyeliner looks

Euphoria-inspired white eyeliner with rhinestones

trendy makeup looks 2023

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