Glitter Makeup Ideas 2023: 20 Stunning Looks for Any Type of Event

by Kristiyana

Are you looking for the perfect glitter makeup look to wear to an upcoming big event in your calendar? Is it a wedding, festival, or you just want to try out something new worthy of envy? As always, we at have got you fully covered. Our top editors have picked out 20 amazing glitter makeup looks that you certainly must try this 2023. From Euphoria-inspired takes, to more subtle glitter eyeshadows, we have it all right here! Just take your pick.

Glitter makeup ideas 2023

glitter makeup ideas 2023

To start off with a favourite look of mine, I personally really like how the silver eyeshadow is enhanced with some shimmery specs to create an almost futuristic makeup look. I can see myself wearing this glitter makeup to the club, or even to a more fancy event. Can you?

Neon glitter makeup look

 pink glitter makeup


How can you make your glitter makeup even more eye-catching? Combine it with neon colours, of course! Opt for an eyeliner in a neon tone, and complement it with a fully-covered shimmery lid in a similar colour. A feminine and playful look fit for the spotlight.

Glitter makeup for wedding

glitter eyeliner

Wondering how to do your makeup for your bestie’s upcoming wedding ceremony? I think this glitter winged eyeliner will do you justice. It’s the perfect glitter look for anyone who is just starting to experiment with shimmers. Plus, it’s not over-the-top, so you can easily wear it to a formal event.

Euphoria-inspired makeup

euphoria makeup

I mean, who doesn’t love Euphoria? It’s just the dose of drama you need in your life, and the fashion and makeup looks on the show are iconic. Euphoria has inspired so many of the recent makeup trends, like makeup with embellishments, and of course glitter eye makeup. A fully-covered lid in light pink shimmers is your next look for the club.

The reimagined smokey eye

dark glitter eye makeup


Love the classic smokey eye look, but think it’s a bit too heavy for you? Why not add some glitter to create a completely new and unique look? The sparkly smokey eye makeup is perfect for all types of events: from semiformal gatherings, to dinner or drinks, and even more formal occasions.

Subtle glitter makeup look

subtle glitter makeup ideas

Do you want to incorporate glitter in your makeup, but in a more simple way? Get this subtle disco vibes look by using a lavender-hued shimmery eyeshadow. Makeup that can work both as an everyday look, yet go can wear it to a date.

Coachella 2023 makeup

glitter eye makeup ideas

Are you looking for THE makeup look to wear to Coachella 2023? We get you covered for that as well! Coachella is all about expressing yourself and making a statement. This year, cover your whole eyelids with tiny star embellishments, and be the star of the show!

More glitter makeup ideas 2023

gigi hadid makeup

Stunning blue glitter eyeliner look

glitter eyeliner ideas

Do you want to look like a mermaid? 

glitter eyeshadow

Glitter also works for your lips

glitter lipstick

Full-on heavy shimmery eyelids

shimmey eyes makeup

Silver, black, and purple for a disco look

liquid glitter eyeshadow

Face glitter makeup idea 2023

face glitter makeup

More looks to take to Coachella 2023 with you

which glitter is best for eye makeup

Elegant glitter makeup for a formal event

glitter eye makeup

More Euphoria-inspired makeup looks

coachella makeup ideas

Perfect glitter makeup for the club

euphoria makeup trend

Beautiful glitter makeup with embellishments

glitter makeup looks

Stunning pink fairy glitter look

pink glitter eye makeup


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