What Haircut to Avoid to Look Younger? 5 Looks to Skip Plus 5 More That Actually Work!

by Kristiyana

I am thinking about getting a new hairstyle to really spice things up with my look. Now I need to choose what to go with… Best to keep in mind that those celebrity haircuts on the net will probably not look the same on me. One reason is, that I personally don’t have a line of hairstylists waiting for me at my house to fix my hairstyle after my quick jog ends. Another one could be that you never know if the new trendiest haircut will not add some years to your appearance. And we don’t want that, do we? Then let’s look at what haircut to avoid to look younger rather than older! Plus, discover 5 extra hairstyles that will add youth and energy to your appearance!

1. Avoid going with a too long haircut

hairstyles to avoid to look younger_hairstyles to make you look young

Having very long hair when you are in your 20s or even 30s can make you look fabulous and chic, but with age that tends to change. Long hair, especially if it’s straight, puts more focus on your face. All those little lines that you are trying to hide are displayed right in the centre. The haircut also comes to look quite unnatural as the years go by. No one said long hair is a big “no, no” after 40, just make sure it’s not Rapunzel long.

2. Skip on the Farrah Fawcett haircut trend

farrah fawcett hair_haircut to avoid to look younger


One haircut to definitely avoid to look younger! I mean, yeah, this hairstyle might have been a hit in the 70s and 80s, but come on, can’t we let it die? Many women who have been doing it since then just refuse to stop and move on. I have seen that it has made a comeback with many young girls getting this haircut. But please, if you want to avoid looking older, certainly give a hard pass on the Farrah Fawcett haircut.

3. Avoid getting a too short pixie haircut to look younger

haircut to avoid to look younger_haircuts to avoid

Yeah, I am sorry ladies, but if you don’t want to end up looking older, you are going to have to pass on the too short pixie cut. I know, it’s very stylish and low-maintenance, but this cut also brings a lot of attention to your face, especially when it’s cut too short. Some women choose it as an attempt to make them look younger and more free-spirited, but it can actually have the reverse effect. Even younger girls displaying a pixie cut come to look older than they actually are.

4. Leave the short pin-up curls haircut to the 30s

hairstyles to avoid to look younger_hairstyles for older women

Another haircut to avoid to look younger. Sure, Christina Aguilera pulled off the short pin-up curls when she was in her 20s, but I don’t think you should go with this hairstyle after you have passed them! Yeah, it’s very retro and classic, but this iconic look belongs in the past, and we should leave it there.

5. Look younger by avoiding a too dark hair colour

  hairstyles for older women_haircut to avoid to look younger

Magical raven hair can look very stylish when you are of a young age, but after a certain time you should change to a more natural shade. A hair colour that is just too dark will look flat, unnatural and bring unnecessary attention to your skin. Better try to mix it up with different hues rather than going with only one dark colour. Adding different tones to your hair can actually make you look more youthful!

Now that we’ve discussed what haircut to avoid to look younger, let’s have a look at 5 stylish hairstyles that will highlight your youth and beauty!

6. Go with the choppy bob haircut to look younger

youthful haircuts_trendy haircuts

This is a great hairstyle to choose if you want to hide those gray hairs! The dark roots of this bob look tone perfectly with the brunette eyebrows, and the soft natural blonde layers gives this look style and edge. A low-maintenance choice and perfect if you want to look chic and modern.

7. Look younger with medium layers and highlightshaircuts for women over 50_haircut to avoid to look younger

No one does it like Laura Dern, do they? I just love watching her in anything! Instead of going with just one colour for your hair, play around with some rich highlights to really give it the energy and shine it deserves. Going with this haircut will really make you look younger with style! Best to first consult with your colourist on what and how many highlights to add to your hair.

8. Asymmetrical bangs for a youthful lookasymmetrical bangs haircut_haircut to avoid to look younger

So fresh and stylish! A great haircut choice if you are looking to hide those arising lines on your forehead! This bangs hairstyle will suit best those with a higher forehead. If your forehead is not high, the bangs can cause unwanted attention to the lines on your face. When you are not sure if this haircut is for you, best to always ask your hair stylist for their professional opinion.

9. Try a fresh and foxy ombre ringlet haircut

ombre ringlet haircut_ombre ringlet hairstyle

If you have wild curly hair like I do, then this hairstyle is just for you! Add layers to your hair, but not too short, so that the mesmerizing texture of your curls is displayed with ease. The long layers add dimension to the cut, and the beautiful shades of brunette and blonde give it a playful and youthful touch. Must have!

10. Sharp bob hairstyle to make you look younger

sharp bob hairstyle,_sharp bob haircut

Another fabulous take on the bob cut! Trendiest hairstyle of the year! Have a bob cut at chin-lenght to make your hair seem more full and healthy. Better to also cut the ends to create more volume for your hair. Nothing says chic, stylish and young like this look!

Hopefully by the end of this article, you are well-prepared as about what haircut to avoid to look younger, and which one to get to achieve the youthful effect you are looking for. Remember, always best to ask your hair stylist/ colourist for advice before making the cut. Have fun and good luck to you ladies!

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