The 5 Worst Haircuts for Wavy Hair According to Experts & Personal Experience

by Kristiyana

Which are the worst haircuts for wavy hair? What to aim for instead? The 5 hairstyles that you should avoid if you have wavy hair, according to experts and personal experience. 

Which Are the Worst Haircuts for Wavy Hair?

which are the worst haircuts for wavy hair

As someone whose hair turned from straight to wavy during my early teen years, I’ve struggled plenty with finding the perfect haircut for my hair type. From long fluffy hair with bangs to short blunt cuts, to medium-length hairstyles with layers…let’s just say my hair has seen it all. While wavy hair might not be as troubling to control as curly is, it can still be a drag, and your hair can still end up looking lifeless and damaged with the wrong haircut. How to avoid this? Find out about the worst haircuts for wavy hair that you should avoid based on expert opinions and personal experience.

Worst Haircuts for Wavy Hair: The Short Blunt Cut

worst haircut for wavy hair short blunt cut


To start off, I must first mention my horrible experience with this haircut. While the short blunt cut for wavy or curly hair might be labelled as “trendy”and “gorgeous”, I personally think otherwise. If you have thick hair like I do, bluntly-cut layers can end up making you look like a poodle. Too much puffiness is never good, so better to avoid blunt haircuts with wavy and curly hair. Opt for something like layers instead.

Worst Haircut for Long & Fine Wavy Hair

damaged lifeless wavy hair

When you are dealing with fine wavy hair, a too long haircut can make your hair look lifeless and boring. In such cases, it is better to opt for a shorter length hairstyle with layers. If you still want to wear your hair long, you can go with a flattering shoulder-length cut, but nothing longer than that.

Steer Clear of the Soccer Mom Cut

bad haircut for wavy hair

To be quite honest, going for this haircut is risky in the first place, but trying it with your wavy hair is just a disaster waiting to happen. The unevenness of this cut would be more suitable for someone with straight hair. If you want to try a shorter hairstyle for wavy hair, better choose a trendy and chic pixie haircut.

Unflattering Wavy Shaggy Haircut

the trendy curly shag is not good for wavy hair

Ah yes, the trending shaggy hairstyle. I mean, I get the infatuation with 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s and so on hairstyle and fashion trends, but the haircut that makes you look like you are in an all-male rock band from the seventies? Not my thing, really. You can still work a retro hairstyle with wavy hair, but maybe try something with chic curtain bangs instead.

Unevenly-Cut Long Wavy Hair

frizzy damaged wave hair how to avoid

Who hasn’t tried cutting their own curly hair or wavy hairstyle at home when you didn’t want to bother with scheduling an appointment at the salon? I’ve done this more times than I could count. And most often it ends with the same result – uneven layers, and one side that happens to be shorter than the other. If you are unsure of your haircutting abilities, better to leave the cuts altogether to professionals. Draw inspiration from this beautiful shoulder-length wavy hairstyle for your next trip to the salon.


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