The Best Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair in 2023 to Look Effortlessly Elegant

by Kristiyana

In the mood for a new haircut again? No wonder, because now that we are welcoming a new season, the season of change, such a makeover fits quite well after all. Medium-length hair that reaches down to the shoulders is practical, timeless, elegant, feminine, and at the same time very easy to care for and is also particularly trendy in 2023. Which hairstyles for shoulder length hair are recommended by experts and enhance every look?

Even lines, asymmetrical cuts, side or centre parting, with or without bangs – the options for this hair length are so many that it can be quite difficult to decide. What’s more, this hair length suits every face shape and flatters everyone, no matter their age. Let’s have a look! 

Trendy Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair 2023

hairstyles for shoulder length hair 2023 clavi cut with waves and side parting

Even with a simple, even cut, as is the case with the trendy 2023 lob (long bob), a new look can always be created with different stylings, so that it never gets too boring. But if you want it to be more peppy, opt for asymmetry or even undercuts. Take a look at the following stunning shoulder length haircuts!

Should You Cut Shoulder Length Hair Even or in Layers?

women's hairstyle with waves and middle parting


Both the blunt and layered cut are still fashionable and trendy, so this may be irrelevant when deciding. Your hair texture is much more important. If the hairstyle is shoulder length and for thin hair, the layered cut should only be incorporated very discreetly or even not at all. If it becomes too fringy, the hair will quickly look even thinner and that is what you want to avoid, after all.

trendy hairstyle for every season blunt cut at shoulder length sleek style

The Blunt Cut

With a blunt, i.e. even cut, you achieve the opposite: the hair looks more voluminous. And when we say “even”, we really mean accurately even. The ends of the hair are not even slightly frayed (which is common with standard even cuts to achieve more movement). The aim of the blunt cut is actually to look like a razor-sharp haircut.

If this is too much for you, you can simply opt for the more natural version with a little thinning out at the ends.

blunt cut for smooth hair and without layers shoulder length

Then the haircut can be shoulder-length and layered:

In contrast to the thin hair just described, very thick hair will definitely benefit from a layered cut. The hair will no longer looks so heavy, but loose and airy, especially if very long, layered bangs are also incorporated (e.g. like a shag, as we explain below).

The Shoulder Length Wolf Cut Hairstyle

shoulder length hair layered cut wolf cut or shag

Since we were already talking about the layered cut, let’s continue with it. The wolf cut, or the shag as an alternative, is the epitome of a layered cut. The result is basically a long bob with bangs, the effect of which you can enhance with a sea salt spray, for example. The hairstyle also includes bangs to make it look more complete.

Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair 2023 – The Clavicut

hairstyles for shoulder length hair 2023 clavicut in sleek look

The Clavicut is basically the slightly longer version of the lob and, as the name suggests, goes all the way to the collarbone, i.e. a little past the shoulders. Nevertheless, it is a great type of hairstyle for women with shoulder length hair, namely when the front tips go down to the collarbone, for example, but the back strands of the hair gradually get shorter to a little above the shoulders: in an A-line, that is.

Curly Medium Length Hair – How Should It Be Cut?

hairstyles for shoulder length hair curly medium length hair with curls layered or even length

This basically depends on the result you want to achieve. The following applies:

  • The longer the hair, the less voluminous the roots will be due to its heaviness.
  • Curls are particularly accentuated if layers are included.
  • A haircut of this length is optimal if you want the curls to be less emphasized.

Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair with Bangs

long curtain bangs with middle parted look and blunt cut hairstyles for shoulder length hair with bangs

We’ve already mentioned bangs a few times, and they definitely deserve a separate paragraph. Sometimes underestimated, this highlight can add pizzazz to even the most unassuming hairstyle. You have the choice between flirty evenly cut bangs and a wispier, more casual style. With the latter, you can even choose between a centre parting or side bangs, so you have many choices here in any case. Very trendy are the so-called ‘grown out bangs’, which are designed to look like bangs that have grown out and fall down to your eyes.

hairstyles for shoulder length hair curly hairstyles for shoulder length hair

The length can also vary, of course. The daring micro bangs are also very trendy in 2023, but they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Alternatively, long bangs falling down to the eyebrows or slightly beyond are also suitable, but so is a medium-cut type. And if at some point you no longer fancy your bangs, simply let the hair grow back without the need of a special transitional hairstyle.

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Cool Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair

medium length hair styling with braided pins up hairstyles pony tail or wear down hairstyles for shoulder length hair easy

With a medium length haircut, you get the ease of care and airiness of a short hairstyle, but still enough length for great and easy styling. You can tie your hair in a normal ponytail, braid or bun, or put it up. If you wear it down, the hair not only looks wonderfully elegant in an even sleek hairstyle, but also looks casually chic with waves. So the versatility that hairstyles for shoulder length hair bring is a big plus!

medium length layered haircut hairstyles for shoulder length hair

Medium-length hair to just below the collarbone

hairstyles for shoulder length hair 2023 hairstyles for shoulder length hair with layers

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