The Worst Hairstyles for Thin Hair According to Experts: DOs and DON’Ts for a Healthy Hairdo

by Stephanie Yankova

If you have fine, thin hair chances are you probably don’t want a hairstyle that draws attention to this aspect. Just like with every other hair type and texture, it’s important that you choose a hairstyle that acts in your favor and highlights your features. What’s tricky about having thin hair is that it’s much harder to mask things such as bald spots and dry ends, especially in mature hair. Without even knowing it, you might also be wearing hairstyles that further damage your scalp and hair follicle and lead to hair loss and thinning. A haircut holds the power to either make or break your appearance, so be mindful of that when cutting and styling your hair! Here are some of the worst hairstyles for thin hair according to experts that you must AVOID at all costs!

The Worst Hairstyles for Thin Hair

blunt chin length bob middle part worst hairstyle thin hair

Short blunt bobs are an absolute no-go zone for people with thin hair who lack volume. Middle parts are currently one of the biggest hair trends, and you too might want to ride that wave while it’s high, however, thin hair requires a slightly different styling approach. The middle section of your head is usually where the inning is most visible, and fine hair usually falls really flat on the head. Such hairstyle will only highlight the lack of volume and make your hair appear rather unkempt rather than flattering.

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Blunt Inverted Bob

avoid blunt inverted bob middle part worst hairstyles thin hair


The line between great success and tragic failure when it comes to inverted bobs is very thin, especially when working with fine hair. If you have an elongated face shape, the hair sections at the front should be longer than the length of your chin, otherwise, it will accentuate your sharp features and make your head appear disproportionate compared to the rest of your upper body.

Tight Bubble Ponytails

bubble ponytail worst thin hair hairstyles long hair

The bubble ponytail is a blast from the past, more specifically the 90s, that made its huge comeback in 2020 and has been rising in popularity ever since! This is a playful interpretation of the classic high ponytail whose initial intent was to add some volume and structure to the classic hairstyle. While this effect is easily achieved for some, it’s not a good benchmark for fine, brittle hair. Apart from it not being a flattering look for your hair type due to the lack of natural volume, the elastic bands are also damaging to the hair follicle and can lead to further hair thinning.

Tight High Ponytails

high pony tail hairband worst thin hair hairstyles

Ponytails are a quick and convenient hairstyle that can be worn everywhere from the gym to the office, a restaurant, a bar, and everything in between! It’s easy, low-maintenance, and you can re-do it at any moment during the day without any hassle. Unfortunately, this hairstyle is incredibly straining and damaging for your hair. The tight high ponytail pulls your hair at the temple and causes stress to the area which after a while causes twisting and breakage of the follicle, and subsequent falling out.

Slicked Back “Wet Look” Bun

slicked back tight bu worst thin hair hairstyles to avoid

Just like the tight ponytail, the slicked-back bun is a hairstyle people with thin hair should try to avoid for two reasons. Firstly, the wet look of this hairdo is guaranteed to reveal any bald spots you may have, and even if you don’t, it will make it appear like you do when the strands of your hair get clumped together once you slick it back. Secondly, the twisting and pulling of the hair in order to create this tight slicked-back bun not only apply an excessive amount of pressure to your scalp but also damages the structure of your hair which over time will thin it out even more.

Letting Your Hair Grow Really Long

long thin hair middle part platinum blond worst hairstyles to avoid

If you have fine, thin hair, and you let it grow too long (below shoulder length), you might start noticing significant hair loss. That’s because your hair gets weighed down. Another con of wearing your fine hair long is that in order to maintain it luscious and healthy, you’ll have to use various hair products as long hair is quite demanding. However, the case of product buildup is not uncommon, and you may be surprised to find out that applying too much product to your hair, regardless of how high-end the brand is, will eventually weigh down the strands of your hair and damage your roots.

What Haircuts to Avoid with Thin Hair?

To sum up, in order to keep your fine, thin hair healthy and good-looking, you need to avoid haircuts that:

  • expose your scalp, such as tight high ponytails and buns and slicked-back looks
  • weigh your hair down due to product buildup or heavy, long length 
  • damage your hair follicle – any hairstyles that require the use of a lot of hair products or hair ties, such as the bubble ponytail 

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What is the Best Haircut for Very Thin Hair?

blond shoulder length layered hairstyle choppy bangs best haircuts thin hair

Layered Shoulder-Length Haircut with Choppy Bangs

best hairstyles women fine thin hair shoulder length layered wavy hair choppy bangs

Long Straight Bob with a Side Part

best hairstyles women thin hair blond long bob side part summer 2023

Wavy Textured Box Bob

wavy textured box bob best hairstyles women fine thin hair summer 2023

Layered Long Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

rose platinum bold long layered bob side swept bangs best hairstyles women thin hair summer 2023

Asymmetrical French Pixie Cut

french pixie haircut asymmetrical bangs platinum blonde layered hairstyle

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