What is the Fallen Angel Tattoo Meaning and How Does This Age Old Symbol Translate Into Art?

by Stephanie Yankova

Unlike the positive symbolism behind the angel tattoo, the fallen angels carry a much different meaning. While these tattoos are popular all over the world, as angels are spoken about in many religions, it’s important to know the history and symbolism behind them. There are various representations of different kinds of fallen angels, each with their own unique story. Any religious tattoo is deeply emotionally charged, because it’s connected to a unified experience shared by generations, which subsequently turns them into a highly relatable symbol. If you don’t feel especially akin to the religious references behind the tattoo, but you still relate to its meaning, that’s completely okay! With the help of a skilled and creative artist, this kind of tattoo allows for metaphorical interpretations, so you don’t need to feel any limitations regarding that whatsoever. Keep reading to find out what’s the fallen angel tattoo meaning, and take some inspiration for your next tattoo appointment from our selection of designs.

Who Are The Fallen Angels?

lucifer fallen angel meaning illustration black and white

The topic of fallen angels is most predominantly discussed in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Regardless of the apparent differences between each of those religions, there are some commonalities that can be found in their understanding of fallen angels. Fallen angels, just like any other angels, carry both good and evil within themselves. However, led by curiosity about the life of the mortals, accompanied by sinful thoughts, they rebelled against God. Soon after that, they were shunned away from Heaven as a punishment for their repeated attempts to become a part of the human race by going down to Earth and living amongst them.

What Does A Fallen Angel Tattoo Mean?

skeleton fallen angel chest tattoo ideas symbolism


The general meaning behind fallen angel tattoos is that the person has rebelled against the status quo as a result of an internal emotional pain. Another meaning of the fallen angel tattoo is the rejection of hypocrisy and duality in society, which is a common reasoning for women to get this tattoo. The deeply emotional interpretation of this tattoo is of someone who needs to bear the consequences of choosing a wrongful and sinful life, which has caused him to lose a loved one, a home, or anything dear to their heart. Let’s have a look at some fallen angel tattoo designs and ideas.

The Fallen Angel by Alexandre Cabanel

the fallen angel alexandre cabanel small tattoo ideas

The Fallen Angel is probably one of the most recognizable painting in the world, painted in 1847 by Alexandre Cabanel. The painting depicts Lucifer being cast out from Heaven. There is a visible tear streaming down his eye which symbolizes his desecrated pride and regret for he will no longer be able to return to his brothers and sisters in the Heavens.

the fallen angel alexandre cabanel full body upper arm tattoo

With fewer details on the face, some people choose to get a tattoo that show the whole body of Lucifer as depicted on the painting. In this case, the emphasis falls on his anthropomorphic physique and his shielded body language, which speaks of deep inner shame.

Icarus – The Boy Who Flew Too Close To The Sun

icarus fallen angel small tattoo thin lines ideas

Deriving from Greek mythology, the tale of Icarus is one that carries a deep moral lesson. Unlike other angels, the wings of Icarus were made out of wax. While attempting to run away from Crete, the birthplace of the Greek Gods, Icarus was warned by his father to neither fly too close to the sea, nor the Sun. The disobedient boy rebelled against his father’s advice and flew so close to the Sun that his wings melted, and he fell into the sea. This tattoo symbolizes the pride of youth, the search for equilibrium and self-control.

A Fallen Angel Embracing Their New Life

falling from grace embracing newfound life fallen angel tattoo

 This tattoo represents the fallen angel who’s mourning the loss of Paradise, yet he is looking up to Heaven with his arms reaching up. He recognizes what he has lost, but he finds the strength within to embrace his new life.

The Serpents – Fallen Angel Tattoo Meaning

serpents fallen angels minimalist thigh tattoo

The Serpents were a group of fallen angels shunned away from Heaven because he tempted Eve to take part in practices that will perpetuate her existence outside of God’s will. Not only that, but the Serpents also managed to convince Eve to turn her back on her beloved – Adam. This tattoo represents the sinful aspect of the fallen angels – the image of the temptress, the desire for lust and hedonism.

The Fallen Angel of Ricardo Bellver

the fallen angel of ricardo bellver realism tattoo ideas

The fountain of the Fallen Angel is an imperial monument by Ricardo Bellver located in Buen Retiro Park in Madrid. The sculptor has captured the emotional suffering of the fallen angel so well, that some people use his depiction as a reference for their tattoo, and the results are breathtaking.

The Fallen Angel Who Lost Himself

fallen angel realism sculpture tattoo inspiration

In this interpretation, we see the fallen angel bent down with his hand covering his eyes, almost in disbelief of the choices he has made. The feeling of pain and regret is apparent, we can even see one of his hands is ripped away. This is a metaphor for the pieces of himself that he has lost during his rebellious battles.

The Little Girl As A Fallen Angel Tattoo Meaning

little girl fallen angel tattoo symbolism

The little girl as a fallen angel represents the loss of faith in God after experiencing deep emotional scarring. This is a tattoo people usually get after having lost a loved one – a mother, wife, or daughter – as a result of their unjust actions.

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