Hidden Crown Tattoo Meaning Revealed: What Does It Symbolize?

by Kristiyana

What is the meaning behind the popular crown tattoo? Does it mean something different for men and for women? You might be surprised at the hidden symbolism of this famous tattoo…

Crown Tattoo Meaning Revealed: What Does It Symbolize?

crown tattoo meaning trafficking crown tattoo meaning

We’ve all seen many men and women wearing a tattoo of a crown in different shapes, colours, and sizes, whether it’s on their arm, neck, shoulder, leg, etc. Most of us have got used to seeing this popular tattoo design, but do we actually know what it means? Can it symbolize something else apart from royalty and a high opinion of one’s self? That’s what we’re here to unfold.

The Traditional Meaning of the Crown Tattoo

crown tattoo meaning woman crown tattoo meaning trafficking


The classic meaning of the popular crown tattoo calls to royalty, power, victory, triumph, self-control, honour, and supremacy above others. People who usually get such a tattoo design think highly of themselves and want to show that to the world. The crown tattoo can also represent love and a strong bond if you have a matching set done with your partner, as a lot of couples do. But apart from these meanings, can there also be a hidden one? Such that only a few know about…

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What Does a Crown Tattoo Mean on a Woman?

A lot of women can get a crown tattoo to fit with their queen personality, but some have it for other reasons. Unfortunately, for many women in the United States, the tattooed crown symbol is used as a form of branding them as property of a pimp. Women who have been sex trafficked were tattooed with a crown symbol, most often on their shoulder and accompanied by the name of their pimp, to show who they belong to.

The Meaning of the Crown Tattoo for a Man

crown tattoo meaning for guys what does a crown tattoo men

When it comes to men wearing this tattoo, most often the meaning is quite traditional. No hidden meanings have been reported, well maybe apart from the 5 point crown tattoo design, but we will focus more on that later. A crown tattoo is a great choice for men, as it symbolizes strength, independence and authority. A lot of guys get it as their first tattoo design as it has a deep meaning behind it, yet can be designed to fit anywhere on their bodies.

What Does the 5 Point Crown Tattoo Mean?

The 5 point crown tattoo is a popular prison tattoo worn by members of the Latin Kings gang. This is one of the biggest Hispanic gangs in the U.S. based out of Chicago. Often, the crown symbol is accompanied by the letters “ALKN”which stand for Almighty Latin Kings Nation. There are 5 points in the tattoo because the gang is affiliated with the People Nation gang, which is represented by the number five.

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Crown Tattoo Meaning Revealed: Conclusion

crown tattoo meaning crown tattoo

While you may have found some of the shared information in this article disturbing, this doesn’t ultimately mean that you should postpone getting a crown tattoo if you were planning to do it. The traditional meaning of this tattoo is still valid and the reason why so many people continue to get it. Most probably don’t even know about the dark, hidden symbolism behind it. Just be more considerate when it comes to choosing a design and place for your new crown tattoo.


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