The Origin of the New Scandalous Doja Cat Tattoo Revealed

by Kristiyana

You can always rely on Doja Cat to give you something to talk about with your girlfriends. The Grammy-winning pop star is known to make many headlines. Whether it’s about her choice of hairstyle, fashion or makeup, Doja Cat will surely surprise you with something that looks like it’s out of this world. Speaking of which, have you heard about Doja Cat’s new tattoo? Apparently, she recently got some ink that has made a lot of her fans and critics uncomfortable. But why is that so? What type of tattoo art did she get that could attract so much negative attention? Keep on reading to find out.

What Is the Scandal Behind the New Doja Cat Tattoo?

does doja cat have a tattoo

It appears that on the 16th of April (Sunday) the pop star revealed her new tattoo to the world via Instagram. The tattoo itself is a depiction of a scaled animal figure cross bread with female attributes. What followed were accusations by some of her now former fans, claiming that Doja Cat is involved in satanic worship and unholy behaviour. This resulted in a twitter war between the star and her critics. By reading through Doja Cat’s replies on Twitter, you can see that she is amused and not taking the accusations too seriously. The rapper said that she loved when people called her satanic and demonic.

doja cat new tattoo


Some of her other fans reacted positively to her new ink, stating that often people just can’t wait to accuse you of worshipping Satan when they notice something unfamiliar. Others said that it’s cool how Doja Cat finds beauty and inspiration from imperfections.

Where Does the Peculiar Design Come From?

doja cat new tattoo meaning origin

After sharing her new animal cross bread tattoo on Instagram, Doja Cat made a follow-up post with an explanation of its origin. The shared photos had the caption, “your fear is not my problem.” Her impressive ink appeared to be inspired by Fortunio Liceti’s 1655 Monsters series. In these series, he created illustrations of deformed creatures, by drawing inspiration from irregularities found in nature. Doja Cat has not yet explicitly said what her new tattoo means for her personally, but by the looks of it, as one fan already stated, maybe it has something to do with finding beauty in something peculiar and unusual.

Does Doja Cat Have Any Other Tattoos?

doja cat tattoos

Did you actually know that Doja Cat has other tattoos as well? The scaled animal figure cross bread design is not the first ink that she got. In February this year, she debuted her first two tattoos at the Grammy Awards. Both are delicate designs, the first being of a finely drawn devil holding up a pitchfork with a placement on her inner left bicep. The second tattoo is of a dainty spider, which is inked on her forearm. This one has a bolder design and is much more visible than the first tat. And there is a third tattoo as well!

Antelope Skull Doja Cat Tattoo

doja cat skull tattoo

In late March 2023, Doja cat posted a story on her Instagram showing a new tattoo design on her left wrist. It’s a beautifully drawn antelope skull by celebrity tattoo artist Brian Woo (aka Dr. Woo). What does the tattoo mean? Well, it could actually have many different meanings depending on one’s culture. Sticking to her mysterious behaviour, Doja Cat again didn’t share why she chose this design to begin with. I guess this one will also be left to our imagination.

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Other Celebrity Tattoos That Have Shocked the World

cara delevingne bacon tattoo

Interested to look at some other celebrity tattoos and their meanings that have inspired controversy? Then you are in for a treat. Back in 2014, model and actress Cara Delavigne shared on Instagram a tattoo on the bottom of her foot of the word “BACON”. The caption read, “my soul wrapped in bacon.” I guess it says it all, doesn’t it?

shocking celebrity tattoos

One of the most talked about celebrity tattoo fails would probably be pop star Ariana Grande’s misspelled Japanese writing tattoo. Ariana wanted to commemorate the success of her single, “7 Rings”, by getting the name tattooed in Japanese. Unfortunately for her, the writing was misspelled and in the end it came to mean a Japanese-style barbecue grill. She later fixed it, but we can all still have a laugh from the bizarre situation, right?

zac efron yolo tattoo

Can’t say that Zac Efron went for something original here. But yeah, those were the times. Quotes like “Live, Laugh, Love”, “Be Free”, or “You Only Live Once” were the tattoo choice for many, but unfortunately, these cheesy sayings don’t age well. Luckily for Mr. Efron, later on he got his tattoo removed. And thank God!

zoe kravitz tattoo drunk

I actually find this tattoo design cool and original. To solidify their friendship, one of my favourite icons Zoë Kravitz and her stepdad Jason Momoa got a matching tattoo along their right forearm with the saying “être toujours ivre”, translated to “always be drunk.” Now I have an idea for a matching tattoo with my bestie.

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