Which Hailey Bieber tattoo to choose in 2023? Find 20+ of her tattoo designs and their meanings

by Kristiyana

Any real fashionista knows that if you really want to follow the currents trends, you have to look to Hailey Bieber. Whether it’s about a new hairstyle, makeup trend or outfit, Hailey will always know what’s good and what’s not. And the same goes for tattoo trends! I mean, you couldn’t have noticed her numerous different small tattoos spread out throughout her whole body! She has super cute and meaningful designs that are worth getting if you are looking for a new tattoo idea.  But which Hailey Bieber tattoo should you get? Let me make your choice easier with 20+ of her tattoo designs and their meanings!

Hailey Bieber heart outline tattoo


What are your thoughts on Hailey’s super cute heart outline tattoo? The supermodel got it on her left collarbone just because she thought it looked cute. And it surely does!

Hailey’s “Beleza” neck tattoo



In Portuguese, “Beleza” means “beauty”. This neck tattoo could be influenced by the fact that Bieber’s mother has a Portuguese descent.

How many tattoos Hailey Bieber have?

Hailey’s small and meaningful tattoos could be well over 20! Fact is, that some of them are quite hidden, while others are easier to spot. Hence, we really can’t confirm a specific number. But they are surely a lot!

Chevron lines on her pinky finger


Anyone who is a fan of Hailey’s knows that she loves hand and finger tattoos. The supermodel has two chevron lines tattooed on her right pinky finger.

“Pray” tattoo between Hailey’s hands


Another hand tattoo of Hailey’s is the word  “pray” tattooed between her two hands. This design is said to have been thought of by her friend Kendall Jenner.

Bieber’s “seek” tattoo on her neck


Looking for some meaningful tattoo inspiration from your favourite trend-setter? Why not get the word “seek” on the back of your neck. This tattoo is said to honour the Bible verse Zephaniah 2:3.

Hailey’s “Minas Gerais” ankle tattoo


Another meaningful tattoo from Hailey is her “Minas Gerais” one tattooed on her ankle. This is said to be an ode to her Brazilian heritage. Very elegant, wouldn’t you agree?

“Lover” and cross neck tattoo


Are you all about romance? Then get the word “lover” on the side of your neck! And if you are religious, you can also get a small cross on top of it, just like Hailey did.

Hailey Bieber’s letter “J” finger tattoo


Another romantic tattoo from Hailey Bieber. She got the letter “J” drawn in cursive on her ring finger. I would say that’s pretty cute! There is gossip that this tattoo also has a connection to Hailey’s husband Justin Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez. It appears that Selena had a ring, given to her by Justin back in 2012, with the same cursive letter. Can you believe it?!

“Baldwin” tattoo on her finger’s side


Hailey Bieber and her cousin Ireland got a matching tattoo with their last name Baldwin on their middle fingers. Well, now it’s Hailey’s maiden name.

Hailey Bieber “unseen” back tattoo


Here is one of those “hidden” Hailey Bieber tattoos for ya! She has the word “unseen” tattooed along her spine. It is again a reference to a Bible verse.

Roman numerals hand tattoo


Roman numerals have always been a popular choice of tattoo. It’s a simple design, yet it can carry a deeper meaning. As an example, Hailey got her parents’ wedding date tattooed in Roman numerals on her wrist.

Bieber’s “New York” and diamond tattoo


Another cool neck tattoo a la Hailey? You bet! The word “New York” on her neck is a cute tribute to where she and Justin live together. And the diamond? Well, it just looks cool!

Hailey’s small compass wrist tattoo


A different Bieber tattoo, that you will not often see in the pictures, is the small compass on her wrist. It’s a cute design that can symbolize your adventurous side.

“3:30” and letter “K” tattooed on her hands


And from going through this article, you got the idea that Hailey has a lot of tattoos referring to her religion. Her “3:30” hand tattoo is a reference to the John 3:30 Bible verse. But for the letter “K”, unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact meaning. But it looks cool, right?

Hailey Bieber’s “1996” hip tattoo


The supermodel’s “1996” hip tattoo is said to be in honour of her birth year. Why not get yours tattooed on your hip as well? I think it would look very sexy.

Peach emoji tattoo on Bieber’s forearm


Wondering what is the meaning behind this celebrity tattoo? Hailey got a matching peach emoji design with her husband Justin. It refers to his song “Peaches.”

Hailey Bieber’s hidden small tattoos


More small and hidden tattoos by Hailey? Oh, these are super cute! Which should you go for? A small star tattooed on your finger? Or maybe a matching tattoo with your bestie of an outline of a broker heart? And how about you get a sexy look for this summer with the word “gente”, meaning “people” in Portuguese, on your hip? Your choice!

“Coeur d’Alene” on Hailey Bieber’s rib cage


This is one of my favourites! Hailey’s tattoo on the back of her rib cage of the phrase “coeur d’Alene” means “heart of Alene” in French. This is a nod to her sister, Alaia who has the middle name Alene. A very elegant and feminine design.

Hailey Bieber’s hand symbols tattoo


And we know that Hailey loves hand tattoos! She got this assortment of small tats in 2019. They feature an inscribed “B”, dots, arrows, and astrology symbols along her fingers.

If you need more ideas for a new tattoo in 2023, check out our article on the latest tattoo trends for this year. Enjoy!

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