Which short hairstyle for wavy hair? 4 amazing ideas according to face shape!

by Anjelina

Where are my wavy-haired girls? Are you tired of seeing your hair curled and shapeless? Do you need a makeover to express yourself and show off your beautiful features? I’m here to help! When it comes to style, the haircut you choose is very important. It can either flatter you or make you look… weird. But don’t worry! The new 2023 is a year of positive change and if you’re motivated, it’s time to change your hairstyle! Long hair is OUT this year and making way for short hair. So why not check out these wonderful ideas that will give you volume, frame your face nicely and give you a confidence boost? Which short hairstyle for wavy hair? Let’s see!

Short hairstyle for wavy hair: 4 gorgeous ideas!

short hairstyle for wavy hair trends 2023

I once read that your hair is the best accessory you own. You can change it whenever you want, and it will transform your whole look. So why not start accessorizing, right? To be completely honest, not all short hair can work for you. It depends a lot on the shape of your face. So we’re going to talk about that too. As usual, I’ll tell you again to try the free hair simulator for women to get an idea of what you’ll look like with a different type of hairstyle. It’s fun and very accurate. So… let’s get started!

Wavy pixie cut

short pixie cut for wavy hair


If you’re bold and want to feel sexy, the pixie cut is for you! To be honest, I find wavy pixie cuts to be by far the most flattering. This hairstyle will give you so much volume and add a lot of personality and charm to your appearance. In general, the pixie cut is the most flattering for women with oval, round or heart-shaped faces. It flatters the features beautifully.

trendy wavy pixie cut for women hair trends 2023

While this hairstyle is suitable for any face shape, keep in mind that it can accentuate your features or elongate your face. In this case, I recommend getting longer bangs to soften your look.

Short layered bob cut

Short layered bob cut blonde hair

This style is perfect for those who want lots of volume in the back and length in the front. When you already have wavy hair, waves can give you so much texture and dimension. They can be simply messy or downright elegant and bold! The best face shape for this particular hairstyle is the oval face.

Wavy lob cut: take inspiration from celebrities

beautiful wavy lob cut Selena Gomez

In order to support our queen Selena against the mean girls, I chose her as an example! The gorgeous wavy lob with bangs complements her features beautifully. It accentuates the eyes and makes her face stand out. She is simply stunning! The lob is essentially a longer bob haircut and suits all face shapes. It’s feminine, radiant and absolutely flattering.

Emma Stone side bangs with a wavy lob

And here we have Emma Stone wearing a side bang with a wavy lob. This hairstyle gives a romantic look and softens the features in a very subtle way. So this is the perfect hairstyle for girls who don’t like to experiment with very short hair, but still want to change! By the way, the jellyfish cut is also great for wavy hair!

Short hairstyle for wavy hair with bangs

short hairstyle for wavy hair with bangs

Fringe and wavy hair?! Yes, please! This is a very casual hairstyle reminiscent of the 80s. Big wavy hair with lots of volume and wild bangs on top give a different effect… If you want baby bangs, you should have a round, heart or diamond-shaped face. However, if you have an oval face, a longer fringe will flatter you more.

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