How to clean burnt casserole dishes: These methods will make dirty baking dishes sparkling clean

by Kremy

Anyone who cooks probably knows that casserole dishes can get pretty messy. Burnt food is the worst thing that can happen. Even if you’re thinking of throwing away the whole baking dish, resist the temptation! This burnt casserole dish can be revived and properly cleaned. If you want to find out how to clean burnt casserole dishes, look at these tested and proven methods to remove stubborn food residue.

How to clean burnt casserole dishes quickly and easily?

How to clean burnt casserole dishes quickly

A burnt casserole dish is no fun and can even make you think you need to throw it out. Fortunately, it just needs to be properly cleaned and it should be good to go again. We’ve compiled a list of effective methods that have been proven to remove even the worst stains.

How to clean the porcelain and ceramic casserole dish?

Clean burnt ceramic casserole dish with magic sponge


Don’t get stressed! Even the greasy and burnt-on dirt can be removed so that the dishes are sparkling clean again. You just need to know what home remedies to use. Also, make sure to let the baking dishes cool completely before cleaning.

  • With Dryer Sheet: Fill your casserole dish with some warm water. Put a dryer sheet on the water surface and let it float for 10 to 15 minutes, then take it out and pour out the water. Scrub the casserole dish, the stains should come off much easier. Once they are gone, rinse the dish with liquid dish soap and water to remove any chemical residue.
  • With Magic Sponge: Wet the magic sponge and squeeze out the excess water (do this 2 to 3 times). Take the wet magic sponge and wipe the casserole dish until the food residue comes off. Wash the mold with water and dish soap, then dry it.
  • With Soda and Dish Soap: Sprinkle baking soda over the bottom of the casserole dish, then add a few squirts of dish soap. Fill the casserole dish with hot water and let the solution sit for 15 minutes. Use a spatula to scrape off the food residue. If necessary, repeat the entire process again.

Clean burnt glass casserole dish

burnt glass baking dish can be cleaned with white vinegar

If you’re struggling with burnt glass baking dishes, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many easy solutions.

  • Oven Cleaner: This method is great for cleaning glass casserole dishes. Apply a small amount of oven cleaner to the stubborn food stains and let it sit for 30 seconds. Wipe off the oven cleaner with a paper towel. If the stain doesn’t come off at first, we recommend mixing equal parts white vinegar and water. Fill the baking pan with this solution and bake in the oven at 180ºC for 45 minutes. Once the casserole dish is no longer hot to the touch, clean it with soap and water to remove any residue.
  • With cornstarch and vinegar: These are well-known natural cleaning agents that can be used to easily remove stains on various surfaces. Well, a combination of cornstarch and vinegar can work for glassware. To try this method, simply sprinkle cornstarch on a glass baking dish and pour vinegar and a few splashes of water over it. Leave the mixture on for 10 minutes before scrubbing and rinsing the dish.
  • With toothpaste and toothbrush: To clean your glass casserole dish with this method, all you have to do is squirt some toothpaste on the problematic areas. Then take an old toothbrush and scrub the baking pan with it. This method may take a bit of muscle power, but it’s worth it. Just make sure you rinse the mold thoroughly afterwards.
  • Scrub with aluminum foil: It is very easy to remove burnt food with aluminum foil. Apply some soap and water. Then scrub the baking dish with the foil. The abrasive texture makes it easier to remove food residue than with a regular sponge. Did you know that you can use aluminum foil to clean the iron as well?

How to avoid burnt stains?


Always wash the casserole dishes by hand. The dishwasher detergents can etch the glass and ceramics and make them cloudy. The hot drying process can burn the stains onto the dishes, making them even harder to remove. Try to hand wash the dishes as soon as possible because the longer they sit, the harder they are to clean. If immediate washing is not possible, soak the casserole dish in hot soapy water until you can clean it.

Don’t use too much nonstick spray when baking. The rubbery yellow and brown residue is a buildup of grease and oils. Although nonstick spray may be our friend in the kitchen, it’s the enemy of baking dishes. Use only as much as needed to get the job done, often just a light spray.



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