10 beautiful bun hairstyles for spring trending in 2023: Tutorials and tips on styling

by Kristiyana

Wearing a bun hairstyle is easy and gives you an instant sense of elegance. It goes without saying that buns are very comfortable and make you look effortlessly fashionable. You can also do the beautiful updos that you see in the following pictures yourself. With our instructions, you can quickly style the trendy and beautiful bun hairstyles for spring 2023!

Bun Hairstyles for Spring 2023—Ballet Bun


It is not necessary that you attend a dance event to wear a ballerina bun. You can also look stunning in a bun at a wedding, at work, in class or even on the first day of school.

Low bun or high bun?



Both the low bun and high bun are fantastic options for a variety of hair types, hair colours and hair lengths. It is entirely up to you which you will go with. The high bun is a hairstyle that has become increasingly successful over time to convey style and enthusiasm. This hairstyle makes you look younger instantly.


The low bun is a more demure, muted and matronly hairstyle. This simple bun, pulled back and parted in the middle, has evolved into a classic look that represents sophistication in both the fashion world and everyday life. Compared to the high bun, the low bun can be styled looser without damaging the hair roots.

How to style a classic, simple ballet bun?


The ballet bun is a hairstyle that can be worn to any event due to its polished and elegant look. Also, you can jazz it up by wearing hair accessories.

What you need:

  • hairbrush or comb
  • hair ties
  • hairpins
  • Hair net for topknot (optional)


  1. Start with clean, brushed hair. Detangle your hair and brush out any knots.
  2. Gather your hair at the parting. Use a hair elastic to tie it in a ponytail. Make sure the ponytail sits high enough on your head for the bun to lay flat.
  3. Twist the ponytail tight. Keep twisting it until it starts to wrap around itself. Continue wrapping until you have formed a tight bun.
  4. Secure the bun to the head with bobby pins. Begin by threading the bobby pins through the bun and into the base of the ponytail.
  5. Continue inserting the bobby pins around the bun, making sure to tuck the ends of the bobby pins into the bun.
  6. If you have loose hair, you can fix it with additional bobby pins.
  7. If you want to additionally secure your bun, you can use a hair net. Simply place the hairnet over the bun, tuck the edges under the bun and secure with bobby pins. Finally, spritz on a little hairspray to keep everything in place.

Low bun as a hairstyle trend for short, mid-length and long hair


Another trendy hairstyle is the low ballet bun, which you can also style loosely. The hair is first gathered in a low ponytail, then the ponytail is twisted and wrapped around itself, creating a small ballerina bun. The loose ballet topknot is a timeless hairstyle that not only looks wonderful at a ballerina performance, but also at any formal occasion that you are attending. Plus, you can also pull off the low bun on short hair as well.

Be sure to treat your hair with hairspray to keep it looking shiny. In addition, the bun then stays in its position.

Bun hairstyles for spring—French pin bun for women of all ages


Although intimidating at first glance, the U-shaped bobby pin is one of the best styling accessories to experiment with when you want to create a look that goes beyond the traditional ponytail or bun. This applies to unruly hair as well as extra-long curls. The French pin bun is one of the trendiest bun hairstyles for spring 2023!

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When it comes to using a French hairpin properly, the length of the hair is more important than the type of hair. Make sure your hair is at least a little longer than shoulder-length.


In case you want to style this hairstyle, you need a decent amount of volume to twist and pin the hair. While trying out a new look with the help of this hair accessory is a lot of fun, it’s not for everyone.


French Pin Bun Instructions:

By following this tutorial, you can create a bun using bobby pins.

  • To get rid of frizzy hair, first blow dry it and then use a flat iron.
  • It is recommended to apply a texturing spray onto the hair. This step is especially crucial for people with fine hair, as the product will add hold.


  • After that, gather your hair at the nape of your neck and wrap it in one direction to form a topknot.
  • Insert the forked end of the bobby pin into the area where the ends of the hair are. Don’t worry if the needle doesn’t stay in the hair on the first try. Until you get the hang of how to secure your hairstyle, you may have to twist and pin the bobby pin a few times.

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