Spring outfits with sneakers for mature women 2023: 15+ looks to inspire you plus tips and advice

by Kristiyana

When looking for the ideal spring shoes, comfort and a touch of cool sophistication should be at the forefront. You don’t have to put on high heels just because you’re wearing an outfit that’s considered more formal than usual. The fact that you are wearing sneakers and not stilettos does not make your outfit any less elegant. So why not continue the concept and pair the dress with stylish sneakers? Below you will find spring outfits with sneakers for mature women – these are the current trends for 2023!

Should mature women stop wearing sneakers?


Of course, you can wear sneakers! Sneakers are a fantastic shoe choice for women of all ages. They are the best option for a relaxed walk in the park or a casual outfit to wear to some event. However, to achieve the ideal balance between casual and stylish, you need to complement your sneakers with the right clothes.

Which sneakers should women wear over 50, 60 or 70?



When buying shoes, you can choose a shade that has no particular meaning. This creates a uniform look and prevents the shoes from taking centre stage. The aim is to put together a stylish look where no single item of clothing is the centre of attention. There is a wide range of shoes in different price ranges.


Pick what suits not only your wardrobe, but also your financial situation. Of course, you can also wear coloured sneakers – the most important thing is that you feel comfortable!

Spring outfits with sneakers for mature women – ideas


If you want to combine your sneakers easily with your clothes, make sure that both pieces have a colour in common. For example, if your dress has a green print, make sure the laces of your sneakers are green, or if your bag is cream or brown, make sure the soles of your sneakers are cream. It’s a simple trick, but if you use it, your whole outfit will look so much more coherent.

Jeans, T-shirt, and sneakers– a must-have outfit for mature women


A t-shirt and jeans are all you need to put together a foolproof sneakers ensemble that anyone can wear. So easy to mix and match, this casual look is one of our all-time favourites. Whether you opt for a blazer, a trench coat or a maxi cardigan, you’ll always look good wearing one of them.


If you want to dress stylishly and elegantly, make sure you wear a pair of statement shoes, such as these trendy 2023 sneakers.


One of the easiest ways to achieve this look is to wear jeans that end just above the ankle. However, if your jeans are longer, you can simply roll that part up a little. This way, you can show off not only your shoes, but also the part of your leg that is probably the skinniest.

Outfit with shorts, a jacket, and sneakers over 50, 60 and 70


A simple pair of shorts is something you never get tired of. If you want to make your outfit a little more simple, all you need to do is wear a denim jacket and sneakers with it. If you want to add more personality and flair to an outfit, it’s best to go for fancy accessories like a floppy straw hat and a colourful handbag.

Spring outfits with sneakers for mature women – dress or skirt


The trend of wearing a dress with shoes has been seen on many catwalks, and it shouldn’t be hard to adapt this look for everyday wear. You can quickly jazz up a white spring dress by pairing it with a pair of sneakers.


You can also use chunky sneakers to balance out a feminine midi dress. If you were feeling particularly vibrant this morning, opt for a mix of patterns instead of matching shades to create a monochrome look that is elegant and sophisticated.


A knit dress with trendy sneakers is the perfect way to look like the coolest lady in the room. This combination is a great base for any jacket, whether it’s a leather jacket, a blazer, or something else entirely. Don’t forget to bring your black sunglasses to pull off the cool street look.


Wearing sneakers with skirts and dresses will make you feel instantly fashionable and make you look younger. You can undoubtedly start with a satin or silk skirt – add a denim jacket and sneakers, and you’ve successfully achieved the street style vibe. Maxi dresses are also an excellent choice for spring 2023.


Check out this patterned ruffle skirt that you can pair with a top, handbag, scarf, and earrings – it’s one of the best outfit combinations for spring 2023!

Spring outfit with sneakers for mature women – trousers or leggings


Pick a pair of trousers or leggings that you already own and try pairing them with a pair of sneakers to see if the look suits you.

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