How to wear UGG boots in spring 2023? Can you pair them with a dress? Tips and advice on styling

by Kristiyana

UGGs are so comfortable and stylish! Winter is almost over, but there are still cold days ahead. How to dress stylishly and comfortably, then? Many women perceive UGGs as chunky and unstylish shoes. However, what if I told you there was a way to match them with absolutely everything and exude confidence and style? So… how do you wear UGG boots in spring? Well, let’s see!

How to wear UGG boots in spring?


UGGs are not only comfortable, but they go with almost everything! Forget about stilettos and uncomfortable shoes, casual chic is back in fashion in 2023! Last year, March and April were very cold and this year the weather forecast is no different. UGG boots can give you winter vibes, yet you can perfectly wear them in spring and not feel warm or weird. But what to wear UGGs with? Well, the answer is: with everything! Luckily for you, not all UGG models look like bear paws. There are many wonderfully versatile UGG shoe styles: clogs, sandals, slippers, boots, loafers, platforms, and heels… There are a plenty of incredibly comfortable choices to try! Let’s take a look at four gorgeous styles and talk about how you can pair these boots with your clothes.

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How to wear UGG boots to work?


When it comes to wearing UGG boots to work, most people scream, “NO!” . There is a time and place for wearing UGG boots, and the majority are quite negatively inclined to wear them to the office. However, I humbly disagree! The key is to play with pastel and earthy colours. Opt for brown shoes with darker tones and play with beige, brown, and white to exude class, elegance, and confidence. This great combination is actually very suitable for a workspace. And although it looks formal, it’s comfortable, so you won’t be wobbling in your stilettos all day!

How to wear UGGs with a dress?


If you want to wear a stunning dress in a less formal setting, but you’re worried about being uncomfortable… You can focus on the shoes to balance things out and make it more casual. So, imagine you have that sparkly, beautiful or fairy-tale dress that you should only wear on the red carpet… You want to put it on as soon as possible, but every time you go out, the dress code is casual… That’s where UGGs come in! A casual shoe will not detract from the beauty and elegance of an outfit, on the contrary. It will elevate it to another style and give it personality. It’s a great way to balance out an overly formal outfit.

Women’s casual chic outfit


In order to dazzle everyone on the urban catwalk, learn to layer and match oversized or baggy trousers with pieces like crop tops, shirts, large jackets, etc. Elegant or more formal clothes go perfectly with casual clothes like sweatshirts or shoes like UGGs. You can create the perfect balanced symphony between formal and casual very easily… Do you know what’s also fashionable? If you have a TikTok, then you have already heard of layering. Layering is about, well… layering. Notice, for example, how Gigi Hadid wears a white shirt under her short sweatshirt. It adds dimension and makes the style more colourful and elevated. However, this is a really light example… You can layer your shirt with a corset and then wear a long leather jacket over it.


And finally, UGGs look great with a short denim skirt and a leather jacket! It’s such a simple way to be fashionable, comfortable, and beautiful at the same time.

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