How to wear UGGs with a dress? Check out 5 of the best ideas to make you look fashionable!

by Gabby

There are so many trendy shoes and clothing this year that sometimes I don’t want the cold weather to go away. I want to have as much time as possible to wear my trendy outfits. One of my new recent obsessions are UGG boots. They are among the celebrities favorite things to wear from many years ago, but they made a huge come back this year. Pairing these boots with a dress to achieve a classy look can be tricky. How to wear UGGs with a dress? Let’s find out the answer to this question today!

How to wear UGGs with a dress?

how to wear uggs with a dress 2022 winter outfits ideas trends

There is no doubt that we need warm winter boots for the cold weather. The amazing thing about UGGs is that they are not only going to keep you warm, but they are trendy and cute. If you are wondering how to style them exactly, they go with pretty much everything, and they will be the thing everyone will wear in winter season 2023. There are also different styles of them, so if you are going to match them with a dress, opt for a classic look. The typical brown color will help you match your winter dresses and create the perfect style. Let’s see some of the best styled dress outfits with UGGs.

1. UGG boots with a winter knit dress

how to wear uggs with a dress winter style fashion trends 2022 outfit inspiration ideas


Pairing these trendy winter boots with a dress can become your new personal favorite. There are no strict rules here! If there is something that you absolutely should try adapting this winter is wearing UGG boots with a sweater dress. You will be warm, cozy, and comfortable. However, there is no doubt that you will look like a fashion icon. We already know that celebrities are wearing them with everything, why not try it out yourself?

2. How to pair UGG boots with a long knit dress?


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I love watching these “get ready with me” videos or “outfit check” on TikTok. I can say that is my guilty pleasure. You can find so many style inspirations on TikTok and Instagram these days that you can look different and chic every single day. Now, the question is can you rock a stylish long knit dress and UGGs? The answer is simple! Of course, you can! This is classy, but casual at the same time. If you opt to make it more sporty, put on a baseball cap. These platform UGGs that we see on the video are Bella Hadid favorites, and she made them a huge trend in 2022.

3. Pair your UGGs and dress with leggings to keep you warm

how to wear uggs outfits inspiration dress leggings winter ideas style trends

Sometimes, it’s hard to look fashionable and still feel warm during winter. However, pairing UGGs and a dress with leggings can save you during those snowy cold days. Put on your favorite knit dress and leggings underneath, and you can have a nice walk, or a date. These can be your new ideal cute outfit for grabbing a coffee or why not going to work. If you put on a chic trendy coat, you will absolutely grab the attention!

4. How to wear black UGGs with a dress?

uggs outfit inspiration winter boots with a dress stylish fashion ideas 2022 trendy

Let’s switch up the brown classic color of the UGGs! These black ones will allow you to match them with any winter outfit, but see how well it goes with a midi gray winter dress. If you are still feeling a little cold, you can trow on your favorite cardigan, and you have yourself a stylish simple outfit. If you are choosing to wear longer UGGs, they will give a length to your legs and make your figure look amazing. It is essential for my petite ladies, to try this out!

5. How to wear mini sweater dress with UGG slippers

uggs trendy slippers mini sweater dress how to style outfit inspiration daily trends 2022

Why are slipper UGGs so trendy right now? Because it feels like you are at home while doing your outdoor activities. You can pair them with a mini sweater dress to achieve a casual look. White socks are a necessity here, and they will give you this girly look that you will adore! If you feel like your dress it too short, you can pair it with biker shorts underneath or just regular shorts. You can check more inspiration on how to style a sweater dress.

Can you wear UGG boots with a skirt?

how to wear uggs with a skirt cargo trendy winter style outfit inspiration for women 2022

UGG boots are normally worn during fall and winter time. That is why us ladies often think about if we can pair them with a skirt. You can pair them together if the skirt is also matching the vibe of the boots. Trying wearing them with a cargo skirt, or a denim long skirt. I don’t recommend wearing them with a mini skirt, since the look can be a bit bulky and not in a good way. Cargo skirt would be definitely my top choice, since they are currently trending and go amazingly with UGGs.

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