Are ugg boots still in style for winter 2022-2023? Come and find out for yourselves!

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Lately, a lot of you have probably seen many girls sporting a pair of comfy-looking ugg boots. But why, you may ask yourselves. Are ugg boots still in style? Weren’t they a thing of the past? Well, not quite. No matter if you love or hate them, ugg boots have been the shoe choice of many A-list celebrities for winter season 2022-2023. From the Hadid sisters and Dua Lipa to Kendal Jenner, UGGs are worn during a trip for a slice of pizza, after a workout, or when going out with the girls. That being said, can we confirm that they are still in style? Keep on reading to find all about the ugg boots trend!

Have ugg boots made a comeback?

uggs_ugg boots for women

Lately, everything related to fashion seems to be mainly about old looks being brought back to life with some spark of the new. Nostalgia trends are so in, and UGGs happen to be just one part of them. From crop tops to whole sequins outfits, uggs boots are among the many Y2K fashion trends that have made the public crazy over them. Another reason why uggs have made a comeback, is because this cosy pair of boots is super comfortable! I mean, we can’t say that supermodels like the Hadids or Kendall Jenner are mainly wearing them for their comfort, and not for the statement they make. But it sure is refreshing to see a pair of shoes that are actually comfortable be in the spotlight! Wouldn’t you say?

Which UGGs are currently in style?

are ugg boots still in style_mini ugg boots

When choosing your go-to pair of ugg boots for winter 2022-2023, there are versatile designs you can go with. Best to always follow the trends set by your fav celebrities! All in all, it seems that the Ultra Mini boot, sported by our very own Bela Hadid, is the must-have for this season. The longer platform ugg boots, worn by Hailey Bieber, are also a top choice among many, as even now they are currently all sold out! So girls, if you want to get these comfy celeb shoes for the winter, better act fast before they are all gone!

What to wear with ugg boots?

are ugg boots still in style _how to wear ugg boots

We have concluded that ugg boots are in style for winter 2022-2023, so now let’s find out how we can wear them! Firstly, a pair of ugg boots will be the perfect addition to any casual fall or winter outfit. If you are going on a coffee date with your bestie, or just waking the dog, sport your ugg boots with a pair of black denim jeans, an oversized leather bomber and a black beanie. Finish off the look with a lux handbag.

Gigi Hadid’s mini UGGs outfit

are ugg boots still in style_gig hadid uggs

Do you know what also goes great with UGGs? A vibrant-coloured loungewear set! Copy Gigi Hadid’s famous mini uggs boots look by wearing an electric-blue loungewear set. Sporting it in pink will also look fabulous.

Nostalgia-inspired ugg boots wear

 ugg boots_dua lipa ugg boots

Why not include your pair of comfy uggs in a full-on nostalgia-inspired outfit? Wear your boots like Dua Lipa with a multicoloured stripey jumper along with a pair of low-rise boyfriend jeans. This picture definitely looks like it was taken in the early 2000s!

Stylish layered UGGs outfit

warm ugg boots_ ugg boots for winter

Want to create a stylish winter outfit that will keep you warm? Ugg boots are here for you! Put on your UGGs and layer up with a colour palette of winter whites and beige. To get the look, you will need a knit jumper, a puffer jacket and a pair of white wide leg pants.

The Kendall Jenner ugg boots look

kendall jenner uggs_how to wear uggs

Did you happen to like the first ugg boots outfit with the cool-girl oversized leather bomber? Well, then you’ll love this Kendall Jenner look! Style your favourite pair of high UGGs with an olive green bomber jacket, black slim pants and comfy jumper, and a furry hat to match your ugg boots. What’s not to love?

Wear your UGGs like Hayley Bieber

hailey bieber ugg boots_platform uggs

What about wearing your platform uggs like Hailey Bieber? For this look you will need a knit oversized cardigan, brown jumper and shorts, and a pair of shades. Surely, this look is one that you should sport during warmer weather, but you can always substitute Hailey’s brown shorts for leggings and wear it in colder times as well.

Wearing ugg boots with a dress

how to wear uggs with a dress_are uggs still in style

Your favourite pair of UGGs, can also easily be worn with a dress to achieve a fashionable look! A comfy combination worth trying, bring out your blanket dress and pair it with a long overcoat. Warm and stylish!

Did you girls just love the takes on ugg boots outfits? Certainly an interesting choice for winter fashion 2022-2023! Regarding UGGs as a choice for shoes this season, sporting them will certainly bring you warmth and comfort, and you will also take part in the latest shoe trend. So why not go for it?




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