How to Choose an Edgy Hair Color For Over 50 – Dos and Don’t

by Stephanie Yankova

Statistics show that on average, women change their hairstyle about 150 times in their lifetime. We take a lot of pride in it, after all, that’s our crown. It’s a representation of who we are, what we feel, what we stand for. The cliché that women change their hair after any major shift in their life exists because it’s true! There’s power in being able to reinvent yourself, and we want to embrace it. The question in place is – when do we stop? And the answer is – we don’t. You’re allowed to feel like a badass in any moment and at any age of your life. How do you do that? Here are the dos and don’ts of how to rock an edgy hair color for over 50!

Edgy Hair Color Ideas For Over 50

vivienne westwood helen mirren tilda swinton edgy hairstyle over 50 inspiration ideas colorful

We can’t talk about edge and not mention the queen of punk fashion – Vivienne Westwood – and her signature flaming orange hair! Helen Mirren and her pastel pink hair are another example of how age should never get in the way of your dream rebellious hairstyle! At times hair speaks louder than words and Tilda Swinton’s neon yellow streaks are the proof! When it comes to beauty and fashion, the sky’s the limit. However, you need to know the rules in order to break them. Let’s take a look at the right and wrong ways to wear a funky hair color for over 50.

Grey Ombre done right

edgy hairstyle over 50 gray neon pink ombre long hair inspiration ideas


The gray hair is a mark of wisdom and should be worn proudly. However, this shouldn’t stop you from letting your wild side out. If this natural gray and neon pink ombre isn’t the proof, then I don’t know what is!

edgy hair over 50 ombre gray blue mature hairstyle ideas

If you’re someone who only wears pink on Wednesday, then you can opt for this gray and aquamarine ombre that looks just as astonishing!

gray brown ombre long hair over 50 dos donts inspiration edgy trendy

Maybe you’re not a fan of color at all, and you want a look that’s more effortless and easy to maintain. This hairstyle channels the spirit of Cruella de Vil and will definitely bring the desired edge to your appearance.

The colorful streaks – the biggest edgy hair color for over 50 trend

pink colorful streaks short hair edgy haisrtyles over 50 inspiration tips dos donts


If you’re after a low-maintenance and effortless hairstyle, a great way to funk up your gray hair is by adding a few colorful streaks.

purple hair streaks fringe trendy hairstyles over 50 inspiration tips dos donts how to style

The bold purple fringe is an excellent choice for short hairstyles, as it fades quite elegantly into gray hair over time.

Dusty shades for over 50

pastel blue hair edgy hairstyle inspiration over 50 dos donts

Pastel, muted hair colors are a stunning option for women who aren’t into bold transformations. Like this beautiful baby blue hair that adds an instant youthful appearance!

ash pink pastel hairstyle inspiration over 50

This elegant dusty pink is another alternative for women who want to opt for a more low-maintenance hairdo.

purple shampoo pastel ash hair color inspiration over 50 dos donts tips

An easy way to add pastel hues to your hair is with color-depositing shampoos. If you are looking for a quick change, this is something you can do at home. And don’t worry if you end up hating it – it will fade away after a few hair washes.

Unicorn hair

pixie cut rainbow unicorn hair purple edgy hairstyle over 50

In my opinion, purple is probably the most flattering hair color for over 50. It deposits beautifully onto all shades of white and gray and is ideal for creating a unicorn hair look. Good complimenting colors are blue and pastel pink for a seamless transition.

pink unicorn short hair over 50 dos donts inspiration tips tricks colorful hairstyle

A staggering unicorn hair look doesn’t necessarily have to include all colors of the rainbow. This pink do is an example of how to use lighter and darker hues of the same color in order to create a highly-impactful and edgy hairstyle.

The formula for failure

colorful rainbow unicorn fringe spikey hair over 50 tips dos donts

We spoke about colorful streaks and unicorn hair and when done right, they can be extremely flattering. However, every rule has its exceptions and this colorful spiky fringe is the proof. For someone over 50, this particular look will probably make you appear more childish rather than youthful.

rainbow long hair over 50 dos donts inspiratiopn tips colorful hairstyle

With rainbow hair, balance is key. I know, it might be tempting to just splash 7 colors on your hair, but 9/10 times that’s a formula for disaster. You’ll definitely draw some attention to yourself, though!

rainbow hair roots pastel over 50 dos donts how to inspiration

Pastel rainbow roots are another ‘no’ in our book. Regardless of the intensity of the hues, this look is quite overpowering. If you still want to hop on this trend, opt for 2–3 colors of the same color range instead of using contrasting ones.


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