Japanese manicure trend 2023: What is it? How to get it at home? Easy tutorial plus tips

by Kristiyana

Have you already heard about the Japanese manicure? Why, it’s only the latest trend in the nail world! TikTok has been going crazy over it, and it’s no wonder. The Japanese manicure is focused on getting back that healthy natural shine for our nails. It’s not about wearing a trendy nail polish, or nail shape, but learning how to achieve beautiful and strong nails. Interested to find out more about it? How to do it at home? Just keep on reading and find all you need to know about the Japanese manicure trend of 2023!

Nails 2023: What is new in the nail world?

nail trends_nail trends 2023

In 2023, we are seeing yet again a variation of different trends when it comes to our nails. Women are ditching the long stiletto shape, and are opting for shorter, more practical nails. You have the short French tip, short stilettos, etc. Plus, a shorter shape can give your nails a healthier look and feel. More on colours, we have mix and matching, two-tone French nails, swirl nails, and a lot more. But, probably the most important part of the 2023 nail trends, is the focus on taking proper care of your nails. This is where the Japanese manicure steps into the spotlight and shows you how to achieve beautiful nails without having to sport sparkly nail polish!

What is Japanese style manicure?

To go into more details, the Japanese manicure trend is about improving the health of nails which have been treated far too long with gels and acrylics. It is the best manicure for women struggling with soft, brittle and broken nails. The Japanese style manicure is done only with natural materials. There are no chemicals or synthetics of any kind involved. It includes cleansing and shaping the nails, treating the cuticles, buffing the nail plate, applying a special treatment paste to the nails, and finishing by polishing the nails with a protective powder. This manicure will restore the pure-pink shade of your nails and give it a completely natural, glossy finish. Dare to try it?

How to do the Japanese manicure at home?

japanese manicure_how to do the japanese manicure at home


You can always go to a nail salon to get the Japanese style manicure. However, if you want to try it by yourself at home, that is also possible. Follow this easy 6 step-by-step tutorial to achieve perfectly healthy nails!

What will you need:

  • nail polish remover (if you have a polish on your nails)
  • gentle nail cleanser
  • ceramic file
  • jojoba oil
  • ceramic/wooden cuticle pusher
  • green paste (containing vitamin A and E, beeswax, keratin, and silica from the Sea of Japan)
  • finishing powder (made from diatomaceous earth and beeswax)
  • chamois (a natural leather cloth)
  • calfskin cloth
  • blend of essential oils (rosemary, lavender, lemon, and grapefruit)


  1. Remove your nail polish if you have one. Disinfect and cleanse the nails.
  2. Use the ceramic file to file and shape your nails. Shape and length is up to you.
  3. Apply the jojoba oil to your cuticles to soften them. Push them gently in with the ceramic or wooden cuticle pusher.
  4. Massage the green paste into the nails, buffing it in firmly with the chamois.
  5. Buff in the manicure powder sealer with the calfskin cloth.
  6. Finish with a hand massage with the blend of essential oils.

How long does the manicure last?

If you wet your hands a lot, like I do, the paste and powder will wash out faster. Make sure you use protective gloves when doing the dishes or other household chores. After a week’s time, you will see how your nails are not as shiny as they were when you first got your Japanese manicure. As there are no side effects to this manicure, you don’t need to wait for a long time to get it again. Once you see that it has started to fade and lose its glossiness, you can repeat the procedure. Regarding the protective film on the nails, that should stay for about two weeks. With these nails, you don’t need a removal process. It will slowly wash away on its own.

Japanese style manicure: further tips

what is Japanese style manicure_what is different about Japanese manicure

  • When applying the green paste, make sure you do it with energetic movements. The same goes for the powder. This allows it to absorb better.
  • For healthier nails, don’t cut the cuticles, but push them.
  • Don’t miss out on any of the steps in the Japanese manicure! Each step is essential for getting that final glossy pink colour.
  • A hand/ nail message is very important for the having strong nails. Do it at least once a week.
  • For an easier option, you can buy a Japanese manicure kit online. They will have all the products you require. Try the Onsen Secret or Joligel Manicure one.

And if you are looking for more sufficient ways to get a healthy manicure, why not try the nail slugging technique? It’s another super viral TikTok trend that women are trying to knock out soft, brittle and split nails in 2023!

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