Nail slugging or THE manicure technique to try to knock out soft, brittle and split nails in 2023

by Kristiyana

The sunny days are still far away, but your nails are gradually taking on spring tones such as white, magenta and rusty red nail polish. The downside? You have damaged, brittle and split nails! Stress, housework, ageing and frequent handwashing put your nails to the test every day. But don’t panic! All you need to do is adopt a few easy methods to look after them. The latest one comes to us from Korea and promises to pamper your hands and enhance your manicure. What is its name? How does it work? And how do you adopt it? We tell you all about Nail Slugging! Korean women’s favourite beauty tips for strong nails and healthy cuticles!

What is the best nail care?


In short, our nails are put to the test every day. To give them the care they deserve, there are several effective and natural solutions to adopt. So, to pamper your damaged, brittle, split nails, there’s nothing like a warm olive oil bath a few times a month. The same goes for hot salted water. You can also make your own homemade hand cream with a few natural ingredients. One potato, two cabbage leaves, three spoonfuls of porridge, and you’re done. Apply this to deeply moisturize your nails. For the lazy ones, there’s no need to bother with all these products. Just a few drops of Vaseline will make your nails strong and beautiful! And strong nails mean healthy cuticles, which is the promise of the new manicure trend called Nail Slugging.

What is Nail Slugging?



On TikTok, when a beauty tip appears, it can be used almost endlessly to pamper our face, hair, and nails. This is notably the case of Slugging (see below). That’s all it took for all the nalistas to get back into it and try the experiment, launched on the Chinese platform. The result? Millions and millions of video tutorials illustrating the method and the products used. But what exactly is it? A beauty technique straight from Korea, slugging consists of coating the face, the hair and now the hands with Vaseline to make them more beautiful than ever. In short, we love it at Because a classic French manicure is not complete if you forget to take care of your hands. In this case, try out nail slugging!

How to adopt the new manicure TikTok trend?

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Adopting the nail slugging technique at home couldn’t be easier! All you need is two ultra-moisturizing and nourishing products like cuticle oil and Vaseline, available in the nail polish aisles. A thick, moisturizing cream will also do the trick. Start by massaging your cuticles using the oil, then follow up with a good coat of Vaseline. To seal in the benefits of the products used, put on gloves. The idea is to work around the nails to nourish them. As for the massage, it favours the absorption of the oil and the cream. Do this ritual before going to bed to say goodbye to dry skin, damaged cuticles and brittle nails the next day!

The benefits of Nail Slugging: What we really think


Between stress, housework, chemical cosmetics and press on nails, the strength of your own nails is being put to the test. So that’s where Nail Slugging comes in. As well as moisturizing your cuticles and hands, this technique also strengthens the nails… and not only that. It also prevents damage caused by daily handwashing. So if you haven’t tried it yet, do it now. We at have just tested it, and we must admit that the results are delightful. We repeat, the only prerequisite is Vaseline! To adopt slugging on your face, watch the video below!

Video: how to adopt slugging to moisturize your face?

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