How to wear women’s bootcut jeans 2023 this spring? Check out all the outfit ideas!

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We’ve said it over and over again a thousand and one times: fashion is nothing but an eternal renewal. So what is the piece of our wardrobe that will be making a comeback this season? Disappeared from our fashion radars, bootcut jeans 2023 are back in force this spring to flatter our silhouettes, but also our shoes. Good news for Britney and Spice Girls fans! For others who swear only by straight or slim jeans, several questions arise… What length for bootcut jeans? How to wear these jeans according to body type? And especially with what pieces to wear bootcut jeans for a resolutely cool look this spring? As a fashion editor, I give you all the good advice to appropriate the must-have piece of the moment with style!

Spring fashion trends: How to wear bootcut jeans 2023 according to body type?

women bootcut jeans 2023 spring fashion trends

Denim will be popular this spring 2023! Here is our conclusion after analyzing all the street style looks from Milan Fashion Week 2023. Bootcut jeans and maxi skirts were all the rage on the streets of Milan. In short, it will be the most worn denim this season. But how to adopt it without missing out? Which model to choose when you are small? And when we are round? Which length to wear? Halfway between straight jeans and flare jeans, the bootcut enhances silhouettes and can be worn with almost everything. Be aware that everyone can appropriate the trend of the 2000s.

The idea is to choose a high-waisted model to lie down or a model in stretch fabric if you are round. In addition to sublimating your shapes and making you more slender, the bootcut makes your shoes the star of your outfit, because it stops up to the ankles to reveal them. This spring 2023, we’re going to wear it just as well with ankle boots as with trainers and sandals. In terms of clothes, we will focus on mid-season basics: leather jacket, white shirt, oversized blazer, crop top, sweatshirt, etc.

Bootcut jeans and denim jacket

bootcut jeans fashion trends 2023 women style outfit denim jacket


No, the double denim look has not yet said its last word! This spring, it will always be the favorite outfit of it-girls. This is the perfect opportunity to put on your new pair of jeans with a short denim jacket and cowboy boots with heels and hit the cobblestones! If you love the “denim on denim” concept, check out all the jeans spring trends 2023 that you can try out!

Bootcut jeans 2023 and a blazer

bootcut jeans kendall jenner fashion style outfit inspiration blazer

What’s my favorite look for wearing bootcut jeans? A blazer jacket, a high-waisted model and heeled ankle boots. Perfect for making you stand out on a daily basis, this outfit is also very suitable for the office. In addition, it adapts to all desires. For example, you can swap the oversized blazer for a crop model to highlight your waist. Ditto for the ankle boots which can easily be transformed into sandals with heels or even moccasins or trainers with notched soles. On the top side, you have plenty of options – sailor top, shirt, t-shirt, tank top, crop top, vest, etc.

Spring fashion trends 2023: Heeled sandals with jeans

how to wear bootcut jeans for petite women heeled sandals spring fashion trends 2023

How to dress with bootcut jeans when you’re little? With heeled sandals, of course! But before adopting the cool retro jeans, you must first choose them. And when you want to lengthen your legs, there’s nothing like a high-waisted model. In a wiser version, a high-waisted bootcut, a t-shirt and heels will do just fine. For the working girls, black jeans, a white shirt, a leather biker jacket and pointed toe boots. What coat with a bootcut? When the sun returns, we love the bootcut-crop top-trench coat-heeled sandals combo. An elongated silhouette is guaranteed!

What sneakers to wear with bootcut jeans?

flare jeans ideas 2023 fashion style casual outfit inspiration

As already said, this spring 2023, we are adopting bootcut jeans with both heels and flat shoes. For a resolutely cool everyday look, there’s nothing like a pair of trendy sneakers. Converse, New Balance or Dad shoes, sneakers must be noticed, so stay visible absolutely!

Dress over pants fashion trend 2023

dress over pants 2023 fashion trend how to wear bootcut jeans in the spring

Hard to imagine this little satin dress on bootcut jeans? And yet, for casual style lovers, layering is the favorite way to adopt the star jeans of spring 2023. A pair of heels, a white t-shirt, a nice handbag and that’s it! This trend is a total hit this year, carrying the simple name “dress over pants”. You can find many inspirational outfit ideas to try out!

Wear them with a T-shirt

curvy women fashion trends 2023 bootcut jeans

In addition to elongating petite figures, high-waisted bootcut jeans are particularly flattering for taller sizes. Its cut lengthens the legs, hides the belly and enhances the hips. A pair of heels, a jacket, a tucked-in t-shirt and you have a slender and ultra-trendy look.  If you want to know which jeans make you look slim, check it out! Those who are less chilly can opt for a crop top on the return of sunny days to enhance their cleavage.

With an oversized shirt

jeans trends 2023 women outfits style how to wear bootcut according to body type

A true fashion chameleon, the raw bootcut pants are elegant enough to show off both at the office and in the evening. With a colorful and slightly oversized shirt, it allows you to go from work to restaurant thanks to a few small elaborate details such as a handbag, earrings or a pretty scarf in your hair.

With a sweatshirt

are bootcut jeans still in style in 2023 how to wear them according to body type

How to dress with bootcut jeans on a daily basis? If you’re one of the 90s and 2000s nostalgic, pair bootcut pants with a logo sweatshirt with a white shirt underneath, then tuck it all into the waistband of your jeans. Pregnant women can replace their high-waisted jeans with a low-rise model with a wide elastic. It’s kind of the ideal ally for all future moms who don’t want to sacrifice their style.

what is the difference between bootcut and flare jeans 2023

What is the difference between bootcut and flare jeans?

Although both pairs tend to elongate and slim the silhouette, flare jeans and bootcut jeans have very different fits. Younger than the flare model, the bootcut pants made the buzz during the 2000s in the videos of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. It flares out slightly from the knees and remains quite tight at the waist and thighs, highlighting them. But where exactly does its name come from? “Bootcut” means “boot cut”. That said, bootcut jeans allow you to wear imposing shoes such as platform moccasins, cowboy boots, chunky boots or XL heels, unlike the flare model which hides them. The latter appeared during the seventies and has a resolutely vintage cut. Like the bootcut, it is fitted at the top of the thighs, then flares out widely from the knees. In addition, it is longer than the flare model. Its goal ? Lengthen the figure to the maximum!

How to wear bootcut jeans after 50?

how to wear bootcut jeans after 50 women fashion trends 2023

How to wear the bootcut jeans for petite women?

petite women fashion trends 2023 bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans for standard-height girls

bootcut jeans for standard height girls

Low-rise bootcut jeans

low rise jeans women fashion trends 2023

How to wear black bootcut jeans?

how to wear black bootcut jeans women fashion outfit trends 2023

Bootcut jeans for women with wider hips

jeans for women with wider hips fashion style bootcut flare

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