Salt and pepper hair with blonde highlights: Learn how to refresh gray hair with sunny or golden tones!

by Snezhana Besarabova

More and more women around the world are aware that having a mixture of black and white (salt and pepper) hair doesn’t make them unattractive. On the contrary, this natural look is becoming more and more trendy. And with a little imagination, they can even benefit from the situation. On this page, we show you how this type of hair fits perfectly with blonde tones. Salt and pepper hair with blonde highlights may make a real difference and brighten your vision!

Salt and pepper hair as a privilege for the modern woman

Naturally, salt and pepper hair appears in the fifties and early sixties. It is a sign of maturity for women that have black or brunette natural hair color, and some white hair locks begin to appear more and more often. The result after some time is a mixture of white hairs, gray and silver strands, accomplished with black or dark brown locks. That richness of all these hair tones we call “salt and pepper hair”. And it is appreciated more and more as a privilege for elder women.

Salt and pepper hair is naturally pretty and beautiful. But nevertheless, it needs some highlights to stylish the entire look of a woman in her fifties and sixties. The blonde dyes are excellent for this purpose, and the result is refreshing the entire appearance. Our aim is to give you some tips for salt and pepper hair with blonde highlights coverage you need to know before booking an appointment at the hairdresser.

Salt and pepper hair is appreciated style among young women


Sometimes this type of hair is not caused by the age, but for some reason it can occur earlier, which is known as “premature graying”. Or when young women intentionally dye their hair black and gray/white, not rarely adding honey and sunny highlights, or another color.

We give you a number of salt and pepper hair with blonde highlights ideas to inspire you before your next visit to the hairdresser.

With which shades of blonde can you dye salt and pepper?


Many women ask: “Can you dye salt and pepper hair blond? And with which shades of blond?”. The salt and pepper hairstyle with blonde highlights will revive your natural gray or dyed hair. The natural question that comes here is: what are the tones that suit best?

The hairdressers with modern thinking recommend the next blond colors for gray hair, which are from the neutral palette. This includes: soft blonde, light copper, mushroom brown, caramel blonde. They fit well with the salt and pepper base and will last a long time without fading.

Rules for dyeing salt and pepper hair with blonde highlights

Highlighting is in most cases more beautiful and effective in blending salt and pepper hair with the rest of the hair than traditional dyeing. There is one simple rule that is recommended to be followed when deciding how to highlight salt and pepper hair. Disguise gray hair when there is no more than 40% gray locks in case you are blonde, and 30% in case you are brunette.

A wonderful refinement of harsh line when growing grays


“Transitioning to gray using highlights can take years as highlights are very fine pieces of color. And it takes a lot of them to accumulate enough saturation to break up the harsh line that occurs when growing out natural grays,” says Emily-Claire Sacco.

She is a colorist at Rob Peetoom, Williamsburg. And one of her great suggestions is to add highlights to blend the grays, then toning them to ash blonde. This solution will add a wonderful refinement to the natural salt and pepper hair color and the hair would grow out without harsh lines.

How to treat the salt and pepper hair with highlights

salt-and-pepper- with-colourful- highlights-beautiful-ladies

An experienced colorist will cope with a task of any complexity. For instance, you can receive advice on what blonde color suits for your gray hair. In addition to that, you can ask her/him how to maintain your salt and pepper hair with blonde highlights in the right way.

To ensure your gray hair stays soft, hairdressers recommend using an ultra-moisturizing products to wash the hair. For receiving more volume you can use a hair dryer and roll the locks one by one while drying them.

Free your fantasy forming gray hair with blond highlights


Short or long haircut – this is the question many elder and young women have to answer for themselves, having chosen salt and pepper hair with highlights. If the hair is short, it is easier to dry it after washing, manipulate it and achieve the desired style. But in this case, the hair will grow faster, and you have to visit your hairdresser monthly. If the hair is long, it will grow slowly and there is no need to be colored frequently.

Another advantage of long hair is the possibility to make your own coiffure at home. Quite attractive model is to braid the salt and pepper hair with highlights, using two mirrors.

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