Trendy hair color 2023: Spotlight on cocoa blonde or the top shade of the year!

by Anjelina

What trendy hair color 2023 will give your hair light and depth? Today we’re revealing the star shade that will be seen on everyone’s head in the coming months and that has already seduced many beauties around the world. Spotlight on cocoa blonde hair color – a warm shade with a name full of deliciousness! Who exactly is it for and how do you maintain it to get the most out of it? Which haircut should you choose to enhance your new trendy color? We’ll give you all the information you need!

what is cocoa blonde trendy hair color 2023

What is cocoa blonde?

A perfect medium between ash brown and warm blonde, this 2023 trend color promises to take the hair world by storm in the coming months. A shade that’s both cool and warm, it’s inspired by hot chocolate, the star drink of winter. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear it only during the cold season.

To adopt it, there are a few modern options available to you. Whether it’s a total look, a neat balayage or the tie and dye coloring technique, it’s up to you to tailor cocoa blonde to not only your preferences, but also your hair. This year’s star color has many shades, and you can easily miss out. To avoid making mistakes, I recommend that you consult your colorist. They will know best how to proceed to bring an incredible light to your mane. But at the end of the day, how do you know if the cocoa blonde hair color is right for you? Let’s find out below!

beautiful cocoa blonde hair color on medium length hair


Who is cocoa blonde hair color suitable for?

The good news is that cocoa blonde hair color is suitable for all skin tones, hair types and shades. However, the new shade flatters a particular group very well. I’m talking about women with matte skin and darker hair. Since chocolate blonde has two shades, brown and blonde, it creates a unique, natural and not at all flashy effect. The trendy 2023 hair color varies with your natural shade and allows brunettes to brighten their mane with just a few highlights. Certainly the ideal type of blonde for brown hair!

How do you make cocoa blonde on blonde?

As we’ve just explained, the 2023 trend color is best for brunettes, but it’s also particularly well-suited for blond girls. To adopt cocoa blonde on your light hair, all you have to do is darken it a little to make it cooler. The final result is subtle, natural and more than delicious!

long cocoa blonde wavy hair

How to maintain the color?

Just like any other hair color, cocoa blonde requires daily care to preserve its beautiful highlights. Choose shampoos and conditioners for colored hair and don’t forget to protect it from the sun’s UV rays in summer. Another good idea is to use natural care products such as castor oil or argan oil – the two best allies for hair. Homemade hair masks are also welcome.

Which hairstyle will highlight the best hair color in 2023?

 spotlight on cocoa blonde or the top shade of the year

To adopt the color of the year with style and stay on top of the trends, I also advise you to make a few small changes to your haircut. Short or long manes, curly, wavy or smooth, they’ll all benefit from an ultra-modern cocoa blonde. Among our favorites is the long hair with that best enhances this star color!

cocoa blonde medium length hair with highlights

Is cocoa blonde a hair color for 50-year-old women?

After a certain age, almost every woman needs a new hair color and most brunettes want to join the blonde team. The question is: what shade of blonde to choose after 50? Let’s go with cocoa blonde – the hair color that rejuvenates the face at 50, but also at 60! Warm and trendy, this star shade will brighten your face to make you look 10 years younger!

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