Short Trendy Spring Hairstyles 2023: Unfold Your Own Beauty This Spring!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Spring is coming along with the desire for a new and beautiful change in our life. When we look at the fresh green of the grass and the blossoming trees, we want to do something special for our appearance. Why not a sophisticated short haircut that is both light and refreshing? If you think about renewing your look, and being in tune with March’s awakening nature, we are here to help. We’ll show you the best of the short trendy spring hairstyles 2023. Look at our suggestions!

Curly bob haircut – among the cutest 2023 short hairstyles

short trendy spring hairstyles 2023 curly bob hair

A short curly bob is a textured hairstyle, whose length can vary from the jaw to the ears. This style wonderfully emphasizes your facial features, revealing the natural beauty. Short curly bob haircut is a great choice for all the naturally curly women, and is one of the prettiest hairstyles. Surely, spring is the right season for women to rejoice with this wonderful haircut! When talking about short bobs for curly hair, the length is not long, but the volume is enough to highlight the beauty of the facial features. There is a fresh example for you when looking at celebrities like Christina Hendricks and Nazanin Mandy, who chose this eye-catching cut!

Short hair trends: Refreshing layered bob haircut

short trendy spring hairstyles 2023 blond gold hair lady 1


One of the perfect choices to refresh and enjoy your look in spring, is the short-layered bob haircut. If you have thin hair and want to have a short hairstyle that looks like it has more volume, that layered bob is the way to go! The greatest advantage of the short layered bob haircut is the possibility for a variety of added colors and styles that emphasize the layers.

Wispy bangs relive the short hair trends 2023

short hair trends 2023 bob hair with whspy bangs

Short hair with wispy bangs is a style which gives a softer look to the whole face. The fringe is falling down to the eyes, spices the look, and there is no need to commit to an entire new cut. Bangs fit quite well if you have a prominent forehead. The style frames the face and hides the forehead lines, at the same time draws attention to the eyes. If your hair is curly or wavy, blow dry it daily, or in case you have cowlicks, smooth them out with a heat tool.

Flattering short hairstyles 2023 for oval faces

trendy short hairstyles spring 2023

If you have wide cheekbones or a chin that is rounded, you may consider opting for a short hairstyle for oval faces. Having made this choice, you have a variety of options to perform it – to fringe with short hair, to highlight or style in layers. It is possible also to opt for bangs that hide a large forehead and hair layers that frame the face. The short hairstyle for oval faces is advisable for women with an oval face, when this shape is more in length than in width.

Short trendy spring hairstyles 2023: Face-revealing pixie cut

trendy short hairstyles spring 2023 face revealing pixie cut coloured hair 1

Pixie cuts may be performed in a variety of lengths, shapes and colors. That’s why, it’s a challenge to choose the type that corresponds to your personality and lifestyle. Before you decide to go for a pixie cut, you should know first that this cut is short on the sides of your head and 1–3 inches (2.5-7,5 cm) long on top.

Only a well experienced hairstylist is able to make a good-looking pixie cut. And if you’re doing this hairstyle for the first time, it’s recommended not to cut the hair too short! As a pixie cut makes your face more visible, and it is difficult to imagine the result in advance.

Fresh look with chin-length layered bob

short hair trends 2023 chin length layered bob hair

A chin-length layered bob haircut gives a lot of volume, and is connected with style and refinement. This cut, where strands have various lengths, is suitable for most women. The only exception are the ones with round faces. Short hair requires less maintenance, nevertheless chin-length layered bob haircut should be styled. The best idea is to blow it dry using a brush to have a smooth and voluminous hair. If you want to try something interesting, waves and curls would add even more character.

Pixie cuts for managing thick hair

short hair trends 2023 pixie thick hair

The pixie hair may look dressy, if the volume of the hair is high. That’s why women with natural thick hair are privileged and look excellent with this style. Pixie cuts for thick hair have a lot of layers and are textured to manage the thickness. The style is performed with short haircuts at the nape area, as well as the sides, and with longer strands on the top of the head. Pixie cuts for thick hair should be trimmed regularly and maintained. Another advantage of the coiffure is that it reveals the face beautifully.

short trendy spring hairstyles 2023 blond bob hair 1


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