Curve Cut Hair 2023: How to Get It and Who Does It Suit? 15 Hairstyles to Choose From

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Having troubles deciding between which of the numerous 2023 hair trends to go with? Are you looking for a stylish haircut that will save your long lengths, but also make your hair look flowy and voluminous? Then I have just what you need! Welcome, the Curve Cut hair 2023. Thanks to TikTok, by now you have probably heard about this reinvented 90s haircut. But how is the cut made? And who does it suit? Keep on reading to find out.

What is the curve cut hairstyle 2023?

90s haircut trendy hairstyles 2023

The curve cut or c-shape cut, is a modern take on the famous classic 90s hairstyle “The Rachel”, coined after Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends. This popular cut is all about making your hair appear longer and fuller. The effect is achieved with the help of multiple trendy concave layers. You have your shortest layers framing the face, while the rest of them are preserved long as they reach the tips of your hair, creating a soft curve resembling a C, hence the name.

Who does the c-shape cut suit?

curve cut hair 2023 c shape cut black hair

Good news for you, as the c-shape haircut can suit all face shapes! It is particularly flattering on square faces, as the cut softness the jawline and elongates the face. The curve cut hairstyle is perfect for accentuating your bone structure as well. When it comes to hair types, the cut can suit any: straight, wavy, curly, coily, etc. What about lengths? Well, this haircut works best with longer or mid-length hair. But a curve cut hairstyle with short hair might also be possible. Best to ask your hair stylist for advice on the subject.

Curve cut hair 2023: Hairstyles

jennifer lopez hair jennifer lopez curve cut

Already convinced to try the super trendy curve cut hairstyle 2023? Then let’s look through some mesmerizing takes to get you inspired! Up first, we have J Lo’s signature c-shape hairstyle, with long flowy lengths and shorter ones cut around the crown that create a faux fringe look. Worth the try, wouldn’t you agree?

C-shape cut on long, dark hair

jenna ortega hair jenna ortega hairstyle

Rising star Jenna Ortega is such a huge inspiration when it comes to fashion and hairstyles. Her take on the curve cut hairstyle is particularly flattering on her very long, dark hair.

Blonde curve cut with curtain bangs

the curve cut curve cut hair 2023

Or maybe you would like to try the trendy cut with a pair of real statement bangs? To give your hair even more volume with the curve cut, opt for a set of fabulous curtain bangs. As blonde hair often has thinner hair texture than brunette, this hairstyle would be the ideal choice to give more body to your hair.

C-shaped cut with bangs for thin hair

layered haircuts layered hairstyles 2023

Wondering which hairstyle would suit best your fine hair? That’s one of the other great things about the curve cut, is that it is perfect for both fine and thick hair. When you have finer hair, the multiple layers will give you more volume and movement. Likewise, you destroy the risk of your long hair looking flat and lifeless.

Voluminous curve cut hair 2023

curve cut hair voluminous c shape cut

To make your c-shape hairstyle look voluminous, you will need some essential tools. These include a large, round brush, suited for heat styling, an anti-frizz product, a quality blow-dryer and a flat iron. After you have blow out your hair, you will need the flat iron to curve your ends to get that C shape. Here is a tutorial on how to blow dry your hair to get that 90s voluminous look:

How to blow dry hair at home: Video Tutorial

Copper red curve cut hairstyle

curve cut with bangs copper red hair

Why not combine one of the trendiest hair colours of 2023 with the super popular curve cut hairstyle? Copper red would be the ideal fresh look for summer.

C-shape cut for long, thick hair

curve cut with curled tips curled hairstyles

We already mentioned how suitable the c-shape cut is for fine hair, but let’s also see what it does for girls with thick hair. The curve cut will get rid of the unnecessary weight and bulk, and give you an effortless and flowy, stunning look.

Long curve cut with subtle highlights

rachel haircut the rachel haircut

If you want to make this 2023 trendy hairstyle even more eye-catching, opt for soft sun-kissed highlights throughout your hair. Get the natural summer hair look right away.

90s bombshell curve cut hair

blowout hair bombshell c shaped haircut

Love, love, looove this! I just adore anything that has some retro vibes to it. If you want to look like 90s supermodel Cindy Crawford, this curve cut hairstyle is just for you. Now I know which hairstyle I am getting…

The face-framing c-shape haircut

face framing layers curve cut hair 2023

To add a subtle face-framing effect to your long hair, opt for this glamorous curve cut. The shorter layers create movement in this long and straight hairstyle.

Curve cut hair with money piece

curve cut with money piece highlights money piece hairstyle

Speaking of face-framing layers, to make your shorter cut lengths all the more eye-catching, opt for subtle money-piece highlights. They beautifully shape the face, and add some edge to your look.

Flowy c-shape cut on mid-length hair

c shape cut brunette layered cut

The curve cut hairstyle 2023 with mid-length hair? Yes, it is possible! The c-shape cut will make your medium-length layers appear longer and fuller than they are.

Curve cut bob hairstyle 2023

curve cut bob bob hairstyles 2023

Told you, you can pull off the trendy curve cut with shorter hair! This c-shape bob haircut is just to die for. And the buttercream blonde colour makes it even more stunning.




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