17 Hairstyles with Concave Layers to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

by Kristiyana

Thanks to TikTok, 90s bouncy supermodel hairstyles aren’t going anywhere this 2023. Yes, girls, you heard me right. It’s all about fluffy lengths, and face-framing layers from here on out. Which reminds me to introduce you to the latest hair trend joining the party. Say hello to Concave Layers! What are concave layers, you ask? How can you get the trendy new look? Keep on reading to find out!

What are concave layers?

blonde layered haircut

The technique of concave layering is about creating the illusion of fuller lengths of hair. This is achieved as the hairdresser lifts vertical sections of the hair up, and cuts it with angled fingers. The results are longer layers on the outside and shorter ones at the crown, which create a concave or rounded shape. While these layers are not something relatively new, the voluminous 90s hairstyle effect has gathered much attention on social media. Think of the 90s supermodel blowout hairstyle or the trendy curve cut. Every girl wants to have concave layers in 2023. Why shouldn’t you?

How does this haircut benefit your hair?

what are concave layers


This haircut is perfect for girls with fine hair, thanks to the fullness it gives. Concave layers will create volume and movement for your hair. What’s more, this trendy hairstyle is also great for girls with thick hair as it removes unnecessary weight, while preserving your length. Plus, it’s easy to maintain, so you will save some time on washing and styling. Concave layers are not exclusively for long hair, but girls with medium cut’s can get them as well. This haircut can suit straight hair as well as wavy and curly.

How to ask for concave layers at the salon?

long layered haircuts 2023

Most hair stylists should be familiar with the term “concave layers”, but just to be sure, you can always bring pictures of your desired haircut. Your stylists should consider the shape of your face and then decide where should the concave layers start to flatter your facial features most. If you have fine hair, you can ask for layers that will enhance movement. Whereas, if you have thick hair, ask for such that will remove weight from the tips. You can also say you want round-length layers with face-framing ones.

Concave layers 2023 hairstyles to inspire you

concave layers trend

Looking for some concave layers inspiration for your next visit to the salon? We have it all right here! This first one features long layered hair with eye-skimming curtain bangs. Opt for some soft sun-kissed highlights throughout your hair to get the perfect summer hairstyle.

Medium hair with concave layers

concave layers on medium hair

Told you these trendy layers weren’t just for long-haired girls! Spice up your mid-length hair with some long and short layers to make it all the more appealing.

Long, wavy layers with curtain bangs

90s haircut with curtain bangs

Did I mention that the trendy concave layers look absolutely outstanding with a set of thick curtain bangs? This hairstyle just gets you back in time to the 70s.

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Concave layers for curly hair

concave layers for curly hair

Riri proves that curly hair can also achieve an amazing shape with some concave layering. Thanks to it, your curls will have more space to show off their natural beauty.

The concave layered bob haircut

concave bob layers

Did you know that you can also try concave layers with a bob? If you are willing to go for the big chop, opt for this graduated cut. This bob is similar to an A-line one, but here there are stacked layers in the back, which create a higher angle and more volume.

Fiery red hair with concave layers

red concave layers with bangs

As I always say, everything is better in red. Red is always popular when it comes to hair colours. Plus, dyeing your locks red and adding concave layers will create a unique retro aesthetic. Don’t forget those curtain bangs!

Blonde rock-chick layered haircut

hair trends 2023

Speaking of retro aesthetics, here is another one just for you! Concave layers with feathered curtain bangs will give you a modern take to a classic retro look. This hairstyle can be achieved both with long and mid-length hair.

More concave layers hairstyles 2023

concave layers with curtain bangs on mid length hair

The 90s bombshell supermodel blowout

 90s supermodel blowout

Long heavily-layered shaggy hairstyle with bangs

90s layers haircut

Straight layered haircut with face-framing highlights

concave layers with face framing highlights

Trendy dark concave layered bob haircut

concave bob haircut

Concave layers for fine long hair

layered haircuts for long hair 2023

Sleek dark copper concave layers with full bangs

dark copper 90s concave layers with full bangs


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