5 Variations of the Lucy Hale Bob Haircut You Should Try This Season

by Radost P.

With the new season coming, most women decide to bring some positive vibes in their lives by changing their hairstyle. Recently, Lucy Hale bob haircut gained attention, and this does not surprise us at all. It can make your hair look gorgeous and attract those around you. How can you get the same haircut, no matter your hair type? In this article, we are going to answer this question. Besides, we will give you 5 variations of the Lucy Hale hairstyle. So, keep on reading.

lucy hale haircut how to get the same look

How to Do Lucy Hale Hair?

You need a few things: curling wand, heat protectant, hairspray, and high-quality brush. The process of getting the Lucy Hale hairstyle is relatively simple and easy. So, no worries, you do not need to spend much time on this. Firstly, make sure that your hair is clean, as everything will be easier that way. Now, you have to add the heat protectant and use the curling wand. How exactly? You start with the front part of your hair. Afterward, put the wand 4 inches down from hairline and wrap your hair. Do not stop curling until you reach the center of the back part of your hair. You should do these steps for both the right and left parts of your hair. The final step is to brush it and put a spray, if you want.

Chick and Attractive Variations of the Lucy Hale Bob Haircut

variations of the lucy hale bob haircut you should try


When it comes to bob haircuts, there are many options you can choose from. Here are the benefits of going with this kind of hairstyle. A bob can improve your facial features, since it is like a facelift. Your eyes will look bigger and your jawline – crisper. Besides, this cut can create the illusion that you are a bit taller. Another advantage is that if you happen to have a thin hair, it will look thicker. Also, no matter your hair type – wavy or straight, you can just wear it as it is and it still looks perfect. So, you don’t need to spend much time in styling routines. Now, let’s move on to our top 5 ideas of Lucy Hale bob haircut variations:

Gorgeous Chopped Bob

lucy hale bob haircut the trendiest hair at the moment

The benefits of getting this hairstyle is that it makes your hair look healthy and strong. This effect cannot be accomplished with any haircut. Besides, you will feel comfortable to wear it all day long. It’s compatible with all kinds of skin tones and hair types. Whenever you are invited to a party or some special event, you are ready to go.

Mysterious Wolf Bob

lucy hair new bob haircut trendy styles improve appearance


In the past few months, the wolf cut started getting more and more trendy. It has a carefree vibe, so it is suitable for open-minded ladies. It creates a volume that, similarly to the classic Lucy Hale bob haircut, emphasizes your eyes. No matter the season, you will never go wrong by choosing this haircut.

Curly Version of Lucy Hale Bob Haircut

bob haircut lucy hale curly or wavy hair ideas

If you tend to have curls or even just wavy hair, this option might be for you. It makes you look like a woman who takes care of herself and her appearance. The great thing is that this cut suits well on all hair colors. It absolutely goes well in combination with a red lipstick.

Straight Bob with Bangs

straight bob with fringe bob with bangs brown hair

If you are a fan of bangs, this gives your haircut some advantages. For example, a fringe can successfully hide any wrinkles that you may have. Yet, keep in mind, that it requires more maintenance. Some things you have to do are frequent bangs trims, using a dry shampoo, etc. Overall, a fringe can take your whole look on a new level.

Glamorous French Bob Version of Lucy Hale Hairstyle with short bangs

french bob idea how to style french bob easily

We absolutely love this last suggestion! It got quite popular among ladies of all ages in the past couple of months. It makes you look confident in your skin and gorgeous. If you happen to have a wavy or curly texture, the French bob is the match for your hair. Rest assured that your friends will ask how to achieve the same haircut effect.

In a nutshell, getting the Lucy Hale hairstyle does not require complicated procedures and going to the salon. In fact, you can style the haircut on your own. So, it isn’t even that expensive. The only things you need are the right hair accessories and products. Make sure that everything that you use is professional and high-quality. In this way, you can get the best effect. With a bit of patience, you can have that style in about 10–15 mins. Even if you are not a fan of the celebrity, you can definitely get inspired by this trendy haircut. We hope that we gave you sufficient directions on how to recreate the same or similar hair look.


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