Wolf cut- Cute Curls, Bold Bangs and Wispy Waves, Could You Pull It Off?

by Leanne Edwards

Looking for a new, fashionable style which won’t keep you standing in front of the mirror every morning? I mean, why spend an hour on your hair when you could be sipping on a nice, hot cup of coffee instead? The wolf cut is exactly the type of hairdo you need in your life! Tons of celebrities have been spotted here, there and everywhere sporting this hot topic look-and boy, don’t they just look stunning? Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Rihanna and Jenna Ortega all rock the wolf cut and so can you!

Wolf cut definition?

diffeent styles wolf cut
It’s a style between a shag and a mullet. It became popular in the ’70s and ’80s, with boy bands choosing to sport the look. The real history of the wolf cut is that it started in South Korea and is named “wolf cut” for its messy, tousled and wild appearance which is pretty much what you look like, if of course you live in the wild. Somehow I am not sure if you’d find a hair curler or a flat-iron out in the jungle for instance… and even if you happened to source one, where would you plug it in, hmm?

long hair wolf cut hair cut it myself at home

Now, if you’re feeling a little bit like you want to be pampered, get yourself to the nearest salon and have someone do the cutting for you. Then again, you might be feeling a bit like a professional hairdresser! If this is the case, then grab your scissors and let’s start snipping an easy wolf cut at home! Now, what you’re going to want to do is whack your hair in a ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Grab a pair of hair scissors and trim the ends of your hair. Let your hair back down, and voilà! Your hair will flair out, with the strands now all being in different layers. If you want to really get heads turning, you could dye the tips of your hair a very outstanding colour, such as pink or blue! Bear in mind, once you have the wolf cut done, it will probably take around 3–4 months to grow back out again. So be prepared!

wolf hair cut for men
Because this particular hairstyle is gender-neutral, anyone can get away with sporting it. One of the more memorable male actors who wore this hairdo and pulled it off was, nonetheless – John Travolta. Ah, yes, I’ll never forget watching Grease and falling in love with his cute perm! Lucky Sandy…

wolf cut john tavolta haircut

Styling time?

wolf cut with purple streaks wavy hair

So you’re probably wondering, at this point, exactly how long it takes to style every morning, right? Seriously, when I said you would have more time for coffee, I meant it. What you can do if you’re dealing with wolf cut curly hair is you’re going to want to use a leave-in conditioner and with that, I mean literally put some on the tips of damp hair. In the morning, simply brush your hair through and the strands of hair will separate. This is going to create a windswept look. If you are going for a wolf cut long hair, this still is just as easy to style, but a recommendation of mine would be to use a straightener and slightly twist and pull down the hair. Afterwards, feel free to separate the curls slightly. The easiest of course would be wolf cut short hair. For this one you could optionally use some hair wax, just to give it a bit more definition, but using your fingers once again, just slightly apply product to the tips of your hair. For either of those hair lengths and types, you can always fixate with a little bit of hairspray at the end.

Shh, can you keep my secret…?

blonde wolf cut hair inspiration

I can actually share one of my little hairstyling hacks with you, dear reader, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t come up with it, but it’s what I like to do rather than break my arm holding a curler for an hour. This is literally the, and I mean THE easiest, fastest and hands down hassle-free way to curl your hair. Now, My hair is wavy to slightly curly. If I’m having a day when my hair is down (usually it’s either in a mum-bun or a ponytail). The night before I know it’ll be down, I wash it and then twist my ponytail back into a bun and secure it with a hair tie whilst wet. I go to sleep and next thing you know, I have curly hair ready for the day ahead.

wolf cut dark hair light eyes
Well, I certainly hope I’ve managed to convince you to go ahead and take a chance with the wolf cut hairstyle. I mean, maintenance wise? How much easier can a hairdo get? If you’re still in two minds about your decision and need some extra time to think, why don’t you take a look at some other spring haircuts 2023?


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