6 Way To Wear The Trendy Curtain Bangs With A Side Part In 2023

by Stephanie Yankova

If you’ve been browsing through the hairstyle trends on social media lately, you’ve probably become familiar with the latest verdict on a debate that’s been going on for decades – middle part or side part: which one is better? Well, according to Gen Z (let’s be honest, we all look up to them when it comes to trends), the middle part is the only way to be! I’m here to rebel against this notion and tell you the hard truth – as neat and tidy the middle part may be, it simply does not work the same way for everyone. And that is okay! Not everything in life has to be so orderly. The side part is fun, playful, frisky and absolutely timeless. In fact, why not add one of the latest hair trends in the mix – the curtain bangs! Remember those iconic voluminous hairstyles from the 60s that Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot had? Well, they’re coming back at full steam in 2023! Let’s take a look at some curtain bangs side part hairstyle inspirations for your next hair appointment, so you too can look like a Hollywood starlet!

voluminous hair side part curtain bangs shoulder length natural curls

Do Curtain Bangs Work With A Side Parting?

Curtain bangs are something like the golden mean of risky haircuts. The downside – they require regular upkeep. The upside – they fit every face shape. Of course, proportions still play a huge part in the process – if you have a round face with a small forehead, a shorter cut will help elongate the face. Inversely, if your forehead is longer, the curtain bangs will have to be cut in longer layers for a balanced face framing. Curtain bangs are incredibly versatile and can be tailored to any hairstyle. Because curtain bangs are cut significantly longer than regular bangs, it allows them to fall coherently with a side parting. Here are some examples of this effortless and chic hairstyle that continues to be worn by generations!

Wispy Curtain Bangs With A Side Part

wispy curtain bangs side part long bob beach waves


Reminiscent of the cub cut, this layered long bob is a definite winner in our book, effectively entangling all the hair trends of 2023 in one place! This slightly parted to the side hairstyle with effortlessly falling short curtain bangs shows that this combination can work perfectly when executed correctly. If you want to add some texture to this hairstyle, you can use a curling iron to curl a couple of hair strands in different directions. Use a texturizing spray for a long-lasting and effortless look.

 60s Inspired Curtain Bangs Side Part Hairstyle

60s style side part curtain bangs effortless curls blond hair jennifer lopez

This side-swept curtain bangs look is both effortlessly chic and incredibly easy to achieve. The beauty of having curtain bangs is that they require very little styling, if any. All you have to do in order to copy J Lo’s look is to use a round brush while blow-drying your hair to curl the bangs in your desired direction, and voilà! Finish up with a medium hold hair spray, just in case the wind blows too hard in your direction.

Wear the Curtain Bangs Side Part Hairstyle Like A Parisian

curtain bangs side part medium length hair effortless chic

This cool, rock and roll, it-girl hairstyle embodies the spirit of casual Parisian chic to a T. The curtain bangs are slightly off-center, but not too much. You’re not trying too hard, yet it works fabulously well. It doesn’t get more French than that, does it? You can add a few loose curls here and there, comb through them and finish off with a hair shine spray for a sleek texture.

Soft Curtain Bangs Side Part Hairstyle for Long Hair

soft feathery curtain bnags long glossy hair


When we talk about curtain bangs, we can’t forget to mention the woman who’s responsible for the staggering return of this trend – Kate Middleton. Glossy curly locks in combination with side-parted soft curtain bangs – a dreamy hairstyle guaranteed to make anyone feel like a royalty! The long layers of her feathery bangs frame her face perfectly, so if you are someone who has an oval face shape, this classic hairstyle is just for you!

The Lob Side-Swept Bangs

rosie huntington whiteley side part curtain bangs long bob haircut

Another emerging trend in 2023 is the lob haircut, which comes in many different variations and allows for tons of experimentation in terms of styling. The curtain bangs are no exception, and they work just as well with straight hair, as they do with any other texture. In order to avoid your bangs from falling in your face once you’ve parted them to the side, you can use a leave-in thickening mouse for extra gloss and volume, and a texturizing medium hold salt spray for a more effortless bedroom hair look.

Side-Swept Curtain Bangs For Thick Voluminous Hair

priyanka chopra quantico voluminous soft brushed medium length hair side part curtain bangs

For those of you who have thick, full hair, getting a haircut is a fine art that requires masterful skills and precision, because it’s so easy to mess it up, and so tedious until you grow it out! The curtain bangs might require a little bit more maintenance for your hair type, so make sure that you cut them at length just at or below the tip of your nose. This is important for when you want to part your hair and bangs on either side, because the longer the bangs are, the more seamlessly they will blend with your hair.


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