Hummingbird tattoo meaning-Is it more than just a bird that meets the eye?

by Leanne Edwards

Ready to get a new bird related tattoo? Thinking of getting a hummingbird? With many options, it’s so difficult to choose. It should look amazing, but at the same time be meaningful to the wearer. It is also very important to know upon which part of the body you get it-whether to have it on show or hidden, large or small? All those things should be taken into consideration and thought about carefully. Here you will find all the answers to your questions in this article on the hummingbird tattoo meaning!

What is the meaning of a hummingbird tattoo?

hummingbird tattoo meaning very colourful
Many people often get a tattoo without really knowing the reason behind it or what it means. The Hummingbird tattoo is actually a sign that the person has overcome some sort of hardship in their life, which they want to mark it with. The hummingbird shows signs of being free – just as a bird is. It signals the fact that it has escaped being held captured and is now able to roam freely. Hummingbird tattoo meaning also represents intelligence, and we can learn or should at least take a leaf out of their book – they never stay on one flower too long. I guess what I’m trying to say is, there is no point on dwelling on things for two long. It is better to just move on to better things and carry on with your life. Many of life’s problems emerge from dwelling on problems for a greater amount of time than necessary. In these situations, it is better to just leave past problems and troubles right where they should be – in the past!

Do hummingbirds have a spiritual meaning, or is it all in my mind?

watercolor hummingbird tattoo 18

Very good question…so, there are lots of answers to this question to be honest. Did you know that hummingbirds actually come near a person or show themselves flying or static, when someone has overcome pain or the loss of someone? The awesome thing about them, though, is that they can also come and visit you when a person that has passed way is near. Hummingbirds represent strength and the will to fight-so, if you have lost someone dear to you, and you’re not quite feeling yourself, look out for a hummingbird-you may not feel so alone, be assured that your special person is always there and is watching over you!

Hummingbirds and roses…

hummingbird tattoo meaning roses pink scent
The awesome hummingbird tattoos meaning with roses. Roses are associated with love. Romantics will often offer a rose to their beloved in order to show their affections of how much they love someone. Having or getting a hummingbird tattoo with a rose or roses shows that you are passionate and dedicated. Getting such a tattoo shows you have a lot of romantic energy to give.

Hummingbird and lotus flower tattoo meaning – should I get it tattooed?

hummingbird spiritual lotus meaning intelligence
The lotus flower is a sign of harmony, purity, overcoming adversity and rebirth. This tattoo is particularly popular with parents who may have lost a child or with someone who is battling with their health and is getting better. The bright, beautiful colours of the lotus cause diversion with the humming bird tattoo and lift it to a whole new level.

Other Hummingbird tattoo meanings…

flying hummingbirds tattoo meaning on show
If a person has two flying hummingbirds tattooed, this signifies that such person is sure and confident in themselves and let’s nothing get in their way. This type of tattoo can usually be found on a person’s body in a hidden spot. It’s more about them knowing that they don’t need to show off and are true to themselves. In other words – they need not prove themselves to anyone.

hummingbird tattoo large back and arm
A hummingbird tattoo in an easy to see part of the body means that the person likes to show off and feels compelled to be the centre of attention at all times. It can usually be seen on a moving part of the body, such as upper arms and calves on the legs. This will often be quite largely sized and very colourful, in order to catch everyone’s eye.

hummingbird tattoo on hand moving
Two hummingbirds holding each other on a tattoo is a sign of tragedy – you will more than likely see this type of tattoo on females and are beautiful and feminine in memory of heartbreak and loss of their soulmate.

Aztec hummingbird tattoo meaning-were they on to something?

aztec hummingbird tattoo lower leg
The Aztecs were such a hard-working nation, showing true perseverance and thoughtfulness in the work they did. Just as they were, dedicated, hard-working and determined-the hummingbird is thought to have all of those qualities. The intricate lines used to make up the Aztec pattern isn’t there just by choice. They were initially used way back to show what kind of status they had amongst their tribe, but many people adopted to this as just another tattoo. If you were thinking of getting a really meaningful tattoo, I can suggest the Aztec hummingbird.

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