Aura Nails 2023: Learn All about the Beautiful, yet Mystical Manicure Trend and Find Amazing Ideas!

by Anjelina

Trends in fashion change constantly and almost imperceptibly. 2023 is the year we witness an incredibly beautiful, yet somewhat mystical manicure trend that captivates more and more young girls. We are talking about the so-called “aura nails”. They depict an energetic power that one radiates by combining several iridescent colors which looks amazing. If you want to know more about this extraordinary trend, keep reading!

What exactly is the aura?

what exactly is aura and can we see it

You will not find the concept of aura in scientific works. In fact, for most people it is a term not quite understood. According to Eastern religions, it is an invisible energy sheath (or bio-field) that surrounds a person. However, those who claim to be able to see it say that each person’s aura has its own color that can tell us a lot about them. In addition, the color of the aura can change depending on one’s moods at any given time. It can also be monotone or combine several colors, each of which means something different.

Aura nails trend 2023: A manicure with meaning

aura nails 2023 colorful choice trendy nail design


The popularity of aura manicure is due to the deep meaning behind it. If you have been doing your nails to express your style, now you can tell a lot about your soul and personality just through your manicure. That’s what sets aura nails apart from other trends – they look impressive, and they’re also full of meaning.

What do aura nails look like?

aura manicure on short nails trendy colors

The main idea of an aura manicure is to replicate the color of your aura. To do this, your manicurist will depict circles of color on pre-polished nails in a single color (or they may not be polished at all). The circles are most often fuzzy or in a gradient technique with a smooth transition of shades, but are also sometimes (less often) clearly depicted.

So far so good… but how do you know the color of your aura?

manicure idea that depicts aura's glow in blue purple and yellow

It makes sense that if we’re going to do aura nails, we should also know what our individual color is. However, this is not an easy task, as you can guess. Unless you know someone who can see it. But we doubt it. There are also claims on the internet that some cameras can pick up the color of your aura. There are also special mobile apps that recently have popped up and you can download – we don’t guarantee the information will be correct, but at least you can have some fun. Besides all that, some people think that if you squint your eyes while looking in the mirror, you’ll be able to see your aura, but of course not everyone can.

So… after all the above ways to find out your aura color, we’ll tell you that you can easily get aura nails without being sure of your individual color. Let your feelings and preferences guide you and choose colors that you like. Each of them would mean something. For example, orange is associated with creative energy, purple and blue symbolize intuition, green represents compassion, yellow represents the joy of life, and pink is associated with kindness and warm-heartedness.

How to get aura nails?

long square nails blue and dark purple design

To get amazing aura nails this spring, it’s best to visit an experienced manicurist, although you can do them yourself at home (as you’ll see in a moment). You should choose the colors, then the specialist will apply them using an airbrush on your nails. This produces an aura-like effect. Another option to achieve the magical result is by using blooming gel. When you show exactly what you want, the manicurist will also know what to use. Glitter lines, different accents such as rhinestones or stickers can also be added to the design to enhance the mystical effect.

However, if you’re feeling a burst of inspiration and want to try creating an aura nail design at home right away, we can help! In fact, you probably don’t have an airbrush, but it turns out you don’t need one either. Instead, you can use cosmetic sponges. Check out the video below for more details:

Aura Nails – Inspiring Gallery

olive shades black gray manicure gradient idea

Pink and orange gradient effect 

pink and orange gradient effect aura nails design 2023

Mix of different colors and rhinestones

trendy aura nails mix of different colors magnificent effect

Dark aura nails design

black aura nails design pointed nails

Red and pink aura nails

long almond shaped red and pink aura nails

Blue nails symbolize intuition

long blue nails to symbolize intuition

St. Patrick’s Day nail design idea

different shades of green for a unique aura manicure

Gradient manicure in darker shades 

gradient manicure in darker shades midnight blue and purple

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