March nails 2023: Trendy nail polish colors and manicure ideas to try this spring!

by Anjelina

March is the month we celebrate femininity, beauty, and tenderness. In addition to International Women’s Day on March 8, we also associate the month with the beginning of spring. It’s all a good reason for us, women, to take some time to pamper ourselves and feel like we deserve! And speaking of all that, we can’t help but mention that most of us love to experiment with our looks, and what better occasion than the coming spring to get a unique and trendy manicure? Find out all about the latest trends for March nails 2023 and get inspired by the ideas we have prepared for you! Let’s get started!

March nails 2023: Current trends

march nails 2023 beautiful light pink manicure with floral accents

In March 2023, we will enjoy many interesting manicure ideas offered by experienced manicurists who dictate the trends. The best part is that everyone will be able to find a trendy option to their taste! This is because of the abundance of nail polish colors to choose from, as well as the multitude of design ideas including drawings, geometric shapes, patterns, and other unconventional solutions. We’ll take a look at all of them in the lines to come!

Trendy nail polish colors for March 2023

trendiest nail polish colors 2023 for spring


We believe that when choosing nail polish colors, they should harmonize with you and your style. No one should constantly be guided by trends and follow them strictly. Luckily, at the beginning of spring, we will be enjoying a wide selection of nail polish colors to choose from. Bright shades as well as soft pastel tones will be fashionable. Below, we’ll give you some great ideas with trendy manicure colors.

Yellow and orange

elegant orange matte nails and stripes March nails 2023

When we talk about spring and warm weather, we can’t help but associate them with colors like yellow and orange. The bright sun, which is finally starting to delight us with its rays, is a reason for joy and smiles. Why not give your manicure a dose of sunshine too? We are sure that if you choose such bright colors, they will bring you in a good mood whenever you look at your nails! Add cute flowers or other small drawings for an even more spring feel! See our suggestions for yellow and orange nails:

Spring-inspired yellow nail art

yellow light mustard nail design with white flowers

Orange and floral accents

trendy orange nails spring 2023 cute floral elements

All shades of red

gorgeous dark red nails trendy manicure spring 2023

It is simply impossible to imagine the absence of the most feminine and passionate color in March nails 2023, namely red. So if you have decided to go for it, don’t hesitate! This classic manicure won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. You can choose from all shades of red and designs like monochrome, or a variation of French manicure, a gradient, or you can even add flowers, crystals, rhinestones or lettering.

Gorgeous red French nails 2023

beautiful French red nails and cute heart design

Green and olive

cute pastel greenish color and floral accents nail art

Another color we associate with spring is green. Plants awaken to new life and delight us with their beautiful, fresh green leaves. That’s why it’s worth adding this lovely color to your nail design. You can choose between bright green shades or opt for trendy colors like olive, khaki, lime and even mint.

Cute bright green nail design with flowers

bright green and white flowers nail art

Long matte olive green manicure

olive green matte long square nails

Baby blue nails

long round pale blue March nails 2023

Blue nail polish can also be suitable for spring. Of course, it’s better to go for lighter shades like baby blue, pastel or pale blue. They create a good mood and are preferable to darker shades like midnight or navy blue, which were fashionable in winter. Combine light blue with other bright colors, paint butterflies or flowers to create a fresh spring design on your nails!

Pale blue nails and cute butterflies

spring inspired nail design in blue and white with butterflies

Pastel purple

unique pastel purple nail design mixed with white

Purple shades in nail designs are something worth paying attention to in spring 2023. Lilac, lavender, fuchsia, and pastel purple are all colors you can opt for in March in order to be trendy and chic. However, avoid darker tones of purple because they are not appropriate for the season. Opt for original designs with a mixture of colors that remind of marble or add shimmering elements, why not?

Stunning lilac nail design

stunning lilac long March nails 2023

 Other trends and techniques

more trends and techniques for manicures in spring 2023

We suggest you take a look at more current manicure trends for March 2023, which we will share below. As we’ve already mentioned, nail designs can be different and restrictions are almost non-existent, but we’ve picked out the trendiest color combinations and nail art techniques that are at the peak of popularity this spring season.

Abstract art on nails

abstract art nail designs combining different colors

Do you like abstract art? If so, why not apply it to your nails? Choose the colors you like the most and mix them by creating unusual shapes with the brush. Add glitter or decorate with little dots to further complement the design. Here are a few inspiring ideas:

Colorful nail art idea

colorful nail art design blue white orange black red

Abstract nails and gold accents

white pink gold and black abstract nail art design

Patterns and animal prints

nail trends 2023 animal prints mixing different colors

If you’re not a fan of monochrome designs, feel free to choose a mix of colors, add some patterns or animal prints to your nails. Keep in mind that it’s better to stick to similar colors in order to get a harmonious combination that pleases the eye!

Unique patterned manicure idea

patterned brown orange red shades cute manicure idea

Floral designs

floral design in manicures beautiful mixture of colors and shades March nails 2023

We can’t help but mention floral designs when we talk about the arrival of spring and the celebration of International Women’s Day! March 2023 offers an abundance of both bright and subtle floral prints to suit all tastes. You can choose from voluminous florals, or you can have cute little blossoms that just add a slight accent. It’s worth mentioning that recently manicurists have also been offering clear nails with dried flowers, which are incomparable and perfect for spring.

Delicate manicure with floral accents

beautiful floral nail design pastel shades and flowers

Aesthetic manicure idea for spring 2023

spring nail design idea aesthetic nails with flowers and leaves March nails 2023

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