Nail colors January 2023: Top trends in nail polish colors to try in January 2023!

by Anjelina

The New Year is a great time to open a new page in our lives, to take some positive change! Most often, January is the month of the most aesthetic changes that women undertake. In that line of thought, it’s the perfect time to start fresh with a new manicure. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at nail colors January 2023, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect shade to suit your style and preferences!

Top nail colors January 2023

Nail colors January 2023 ong silver velvet nails almond shape

Winter weather is an inspiration for many stylists and fashion lovers. That’s why nail polish colors for January nails 2023 stick to typically winter tones that we’re used to dominating at this time of the year. Besides the classic shades typical for winter such as blue, gold and white, the trends also include metallic colors and many shades of red. The options are really many, but let’s start looking at them so you can get inspired for your next amazing manicure

Dark blue

midnight blue nail color january 2023 trends in nail polish


In January, one of the most preferred polish colors is blue. But not just any shade, but the dark blue that reminds of the midnight sky will be the most sought-after shade. Other similar and also very popular shades are navy blue and cobalt blue. All of these colors are extremely seasonally appropriate, and if you wish, you can also create amazing designs by including glitter or rhinestones to deepen the romantic notion of a winter night sky.

Deep browns

dark brown deep brown nail polish color for january 2023

Speaking of nature-inspired colors that dominate this January, we can’t help but mention deep brown. The rich, warm shade creates a unique, cozy feeling for everyone who looks at it (we probably associate it with our favorite warm drink in winter). You can choose between a glossy or matte finish – either way, your nails will look extremely fashionable!

Pea green

pea green nail polish short nails 2023 trends

Very reminiscent of khaki, but lighter and with a slightly yellowish hue, pea green will be at the peak of popularity this winter. Another similar shade is the light olive green, which is also very popular lately. You don’t need anything but such a unique color to make your nails look striking and chic. The strive for naturalness is complemented by other shades of green – yellow-green, pistachio, greenish-brown, forest green and everything that can be encountered when viewing a natural landscape.

Icy blues

icy blue cold blue nail color metallic shade

Besides the dark shades of blue, icy cold blues will also be trending this winter. The beautiful metallic color is the perfect choice for your manicure during your winter holiday at a ski resort. However, keep in mind that this shade has the intention of not leaving us all year round, which means it will also be trendy during the summer months. That’s more than great, because just imagine what a manicure like this would look like on the sand at the beach! Amazing, right?

All shades of red

red nails red manicure trendy classic fashion almond shape nails

The red manicure is a classic, as we know! In January 2023 this will not change, so if you love this color, choose it boldly in the winter season! As for shades – anything you can think of is totally allowed and will look trendy! However, if you think the bright tones aren’t exactly what you need, you can try darker shades of red like burgundies, muted rusty and deep reds!

Metallic shades

long nails metallic silver nail polish popular in january

Fans of metallic nails can rejoice – this trend won’t be going out of style anytime soon and will be with us not just in January, but throughout 2023. As for the shades, you can pick whichever one you prefer. Green and red metallics are extremely trendy right now, as are classic gold and silver metallic manicures.

Gold nails

gold manicure glitter and metallic gold nail polish

As already mentioned, many of the classics in fashion will be with us in 2023. The golden manicure will not get old and will certainly not leave us this year! The designs with gold nail polish are really countless, and you can also come up with your own version! If you prefer, you can use it as a base color and achieve an even and delicate manicure (it looks especially nice with short nails and a square shape). Another option is to paint just a few of your nails gold (usually the middle and ring fingernails) and add a white or beige nail polish as well. Experiment, you have nothing to lose! Gold always creates magic and is an accent in a manicure, making it elegant and trendy!

Barbie pink

barbie nails long almond shape trendy design

2023 has a lot to offer to pink manicure lovers. It’s truly universal as far as being suitable for both weekdays, holidays and special events. It goes with every look and style. If you’re a fan of Barbie’s cute style, now’s your chance to be on trend with a pink nail design that she would surely do herself! Once again, we’ll tell you not to be afraid of experimenting! Or if bright pink isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can opt for soft pale pink shades that will complement your look wonderful!

Nail polish colors for January 2023 – Photo Gallery

sage green nails long square shape Nail colors January 2023

Dark brown metallic color

metallic shades dark brown long square nails

Olive green nail polish

olive green nail polish medium square nails dark skin

Matte and glossy black nails

matte-and-glossy-black-manicure-design-long-nails-black nails

Winter blue nails

winter-nails light blue color trendy in winter

White manicure

white manicure Nail colors January 2023

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