Winter 2023 manicure: Aura nails or amazing gradients based on your aura

by Kremy

What’s new in the world of winter 2023 manicure? Should we tackle dark shades in harmony with the greyness of this time of year? Not at all! Winter nail art is in light, bright and bold colors that can fight the monotony of the season and lift our spirits. That is why, today I present to you a winter 2023 manicure trend that first appeared last October and has continued to develop ever since. So, let’s have a close look at aura nails that you will certainly appreciate.

Winter 2023 manicure trend: What are the famous aura nails?

aura nails manicure trend 2023 ideas

After the gothic nails and the blizzard French manicure by Nicola Peltz Beckham, the next nail art that will make nailistas all over the world fall in love, features bright colors and boldness! As I mentioned above, it’s all about aura nails – a bold manicure that keeps us on top of the trends right down to the tips of our nails. It represents the color that best matches your aura, that is to say the one that describes your energy. I can even say that it is a personalized nail art and open to several interpretations. For each girl, the manicure that suits her!

The aura manicure can be worn in light, dark, bright colors, cat’s eye style, embellished with rhinestones, textured and so on… The goal is to adapt it to the personality of each girl. But how to do it? I will explain in the following paragraphs!

How to do the trendy 2023 aura nails?

manicure 2023 trend nail art winter aura nails cat eye effect


To get THE winter 2023 manicure trend, I recommend that you visit a professional nail artist in order to obtain better results and enjoy top-notch nail decor. There are indeed three different ways to do aura nails and I will explain them to you below:

The sponge method

The first option to do your trendy manicure 2023 is to use a sponge. It can be done at home and is suitable for girls with little experience in nail art. Start by laying a base followed by two coats of the chosen nail polish. Then take a brush and put your aura color on a sponge. Dab to incorporate it well and catalyze under the UV lamp between applying each layer. If desired, add rhinestones or any other decoration of your choice. Finally, finish with a layer of top coat and put under the lamp. For more detailed instructions, take a look at the TikTok video below:

@reesewonge Aura nails #fallnails #diygelnails #auranails #auragirls #fypシ #easynailart #nailtutorial ♬ Under The Influence – Chris Brown

The nail airbrush method

The second way to recreate aura nails is to use a nail airbrush and is therefore suitable for the most experienced. A nail artist shows us how to do it in her TikTok video that you can find below. First, apply base and catalyze. Then follow with two coats of the base color and put under the lamp. Mix a little acetone with your aura polish color and pour into the airbrush. Spray on nails and cure for 60 seconds. Do the same for the second coat and the top coat.

@nailsbykiabeth Get the perfect aura ✨ #auranails #videotutorialnails #nailtutorial #gelx #nyc #nycnails #nycnailtech #nailart ♬ Not Asia using my sound – server of the ariana army

Using Blooming Gel

Some nail artists opt for Blooming Gel from the Mia Secret brand to create aura nails. This method is based on the application of touches of different colors of nail polish that blend together to give the illusion of an aura. Demo in the YouTube video below:


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10 ideas for aura nails to get winter 2023 nails properly

manicure winter aura nails 2023

Manicure in fluorescent green to enhance your hands in winter

manicure winter 2023 trends nail art aura nails green nail polish

Rhinestones on aura nails to add a touch of glamor

manicure january 2023 aura nails

Very delicate winter manicure 2023 for fashionable girls

manicure trend 2023 gel nails decorations winter

The “aura” nail trend in 3D effect

nail trends 2023 aura nails 3D decorations

Treat yourself to a few different colors to energize and revive your nails this winter

trend manicure winter 2023 nails bright colors aura nails

A pink aura for lovers of delicate shades

manicure trend winter 2023 gradient nails aura nails

Winter 2023 manicure: Rhinestones and an ombré to die for

winter manicure trend gel nails 2023 aura nails with rhinestones

Aura nails as a French manicure 2023

french manicure 2023 gel nails winter aura nails

For each nail, the color that suits it!

french manicure winter 2023 trend aura nails with rhinestones

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