20 Very Chic Winter Manicure 2023/2024 Ideas to Opt for Now

by Kristiyana

What do the new trends in the nail art world have in store for us? What colors will dominate the months to come? Which nail shape should you choose to stay on top? You probably have a lot of questions and I will answer them all! Close-up on the winter manicure 2023/2024 + 20 very chic ideas to inspire you.

Winter Manicure 2023/2024: Which Colors Will Dominate the Season?

color manicure winter 2023 burgundy long nails

Before accessing the photo gallery, it is first crucial to decipher the shades that will be on everyone’s hands during the cold season. The winter manicure 2023/2024 color generally advocates two star shades: gray and burgundy or the so-called Cherry Mocha Nails popularized by Jennifer Lopez and her nail stylist Tom Bachik. Always trendy and versatile, they can literally be worn with everything. However, we also distinguish other deep colors which deserve special attention. Preview:

  • Green: No surprises! This winter, nailistas will stock up on shades that draw on the tree! They are easy to wear and allow you to create several festive designs.
  • Blue: Whether metallic or not, blue is a vibrant color not to be underestimated. It complements your nails no matter the season and allows a trendy look right down to the fingertips.
  • Pink: The Barbiecore trend continues to be popular. In winter, we adopt sober shades that approach nude, especially in a velvet nails design.
  • Golden accents: Nothing like a winter manicure 2023-2024 with golden touches! These bring originality and festivity to the nails.

Which Nail Decoration to Opt for This Cold Season?

manicure winter 2024 french manicure velvet nails

Now that you know the winter manicure 2023/2024 color, let’s see which patterns to choose. So, the nail art of the season advocates minimalist and monochrome looks that evoke the aesthetic of the season. However, certain designs stand out from the others and these are in particular the colored French manicure, the abstract and cat’s eye effect (velvet nails), as well as chrome nails. Adding snowflakes or little stars is also popular.

Which Nail Shape Should You Choose for Winter 2023/2024?

nail art winter manicure 2023 2024 velvet nails trend

All boldness is permitted! Short, long, almond-shaped, square, rounded or stiletto-style… all shapes and lengths can benefit from very chic winter 2023 nail art!

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Winter Manicure 2023/2024 Ideas Through a Gallery of Inspiring Images!

nail art winter 2023 2024 velvet nails

The textured effect & rhinestones are preferred as the cold season approaches

nail art winter 2023 textured effect

Deep and versatile color, blue can be worn with all nail shapes

winter manicure trend 2023 blue color almond nails

Green is a must with a nail decoration in winter

winter manicure trend 2023 nail art abstract green

Metallic blue for top-notch winter 2023/2024 nail art

manicure color winter 2023 blue metallic almond nails

Burgundy on stiletto nails for a rock chic manicure

color manicure winter 2023 nail art burgundy nails stiletto

The famous aura nails are back this winter and they come in a very rich green

color manicure winter 2023 green aura nails

Combine green with gold accents and you won’t regret your choice

winter manicure color 2023 green gold short nails

Silver French manicure for a festive look

french manicure winter 2023 2024 silver nails with stars decorations

French manicure in black and gold

french manicure winter 2023 2024 nail art black

Slightly glittery burgundy looks best on short, rounded square nails

burgundy manicure 2023 2024 nail art trend

Winter 2024 manicure: Nude nails & minimalist stars

winter manicure 2023 2024 nude almond nails with stars

Abstract effects are a must-have this year

winter manicure 2024 abstract nail art in blue almond nails

Taupe nails combined with silver glitter for a trendy winter 2024 manicure 

winter manicure 2024 short nails color taupe nail art silver

Velvet nails in pink or the Barbicore version!

winter manicure 2024 trend velvet nails pink nail art barbiecore

Black chrome creates an enviable rock look

black manicure chrome almond nails nail art winter 2023 2024

Burgundy is undoubtedly THE nail polish color of the cold season

nail art burgundy red nail trends 2023 2024 short nails

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