Why are Jade Tree Branches Falling Off? – 5 Common Causes & Easy Solutions!

by Stephanie Yankova

The Jade tree is a favorite plant for many thanks to its aesthetic qualities and how easy it is to take care of. Also known as Crassula ovata, this succulent can live between 50 and 100 years when cared for properly! However, just like any other plant, it is prone to sicknesses. It is a common issue to have the jade tree branches falling off. Why does this occur, and what can you do to prevent it? We’ll tell you everything you need to know! 

Why are the Jade Tree Branches Falling Off? – Common Causes

jade plant loosing its branches what to do

A few months ago a friend of mine left the States to go abroad for work. She couldn’t take her plants with her, which is how I ended up with my two new best friends – a beautiful Orange tree and a Jade tree! Even though I am no expert in the gardening realm, I thought that taking care of them would be a child’s play. That was until the branches of the Crassula ovata started falling off about two weeks ago. Only in the span of a few days she already lost 2! There was no way I would let this issue progress any further, which is why I got to digging and came across some simple solutions that luckily helped me save my friend’s succulent! If you, too, have the same problem – don’t worry! I’ll explain why it happens and everything you should do to reverse the damage!

Of course, I updated my friend on this peculiar case, and she shared with me that this has already happened to her and the cause is probably wrongful watering. I’m pretty sure I was following the instructions meticulously, so I decided to do a little more research on the matter.

Jade Tree Branches Falling Off Due to Overwatering

how to tell if a jade plant is thirsty

This succulent is native to South Africa, meaning that it’s used to a rather hot and dry climate with heavy rainfalls. Due to this, regular over-watering can cause issues. This can lead to drooping branches and yellowing of the leaves.

What to do? Stop watering the plant and allow the soil to dry out completely. This may take up to 10 days depending on how much you have over-watered it.

jade plant losing its branches causes solutions overwatering

How do I Know if my Jade Tree is Thirsty?

Not watering the Jade tree enough can also cause it to lose its branches. The Crassula retains water in its leaves, so when there isn’t enough of it, the leaves begin to curl up. If you notice that they are starting to lose their fullness and gradually begin to fall off, it means that your Jade tree is thirsty.

What to do? Check the soil regularly with your finger. When it’s dry to the touch, water thoroughly.

Excessive Direct Sunlight

maintaining jade plant after it loses its branches

The Jade plant is pretty adaptable to its conditions. However, if you’ve had it placed in a shaded area in your home and then suddenly decide to move it to a more sunlit spot, this will stress out the plant and cause it to lose its branches.

What to do? Make sure that your plant is receiving a consistent moderate amount of sunlight.

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You’ve Used the Wrong Soil

branches of crassula ovata are falling what to do

Crassula ovata needs a well-draining soil. Those that are moisture-retaining are not suitable and can lead to your plant losing its leaves and branches.

What can be done to prevent the branches from falling? Move the succulent into a different pot with suitable soil that provides proper drainage.

Rotting or Tangled Roots

crassula ovata maintenance how to care for branches

When you don’t water your plant properly, and it’s potted in the wrong soil, this can lead to rotting of the roots. This causes the branches to fall off, and eventually, the Jade plant dies.

What to do? Remove the plant from the pot and check the condition of the roots. If you notice any mold, a bad smell, or browning of the roots, this means that they have begun to rot. If you can’t see either of those symptoms, but the roots are tangled, this could also cause issues. To solve this, simply replant the Jade tree in a bigger pot and it will recover naturally.

Wrong Temperature

jade plant leaves falling down what to do

The ideal temperature for these plants is between 18 – 24ºC (64.4 – 75.2 °F).  It’s advised not to let the temperatures drop too low or get much higher than the recommended optimum degrees, otherwise the plant may suffer. Even though this succulent can survive temperatures below 5ºC, this will cause stress leading to the falling off of the branches.

What to do? Don’t take the plant outdoors and make sure that you’re maintaining the recommended indoor temperature at all times.

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