How to Decorate Balcony for Christmas in 2023? Use the Little Space Optimally!

by Kristiyana

What does the perfect Christmas decoration for the balcony look like? Well, the variations are numerous and the tastes are so different that there is no strict answer. But you can use examples of beautifully designed balconies to imitate them or get inspiration for your own preferences. So, how can you decorate a balcony for Christmas?

At first glance, there is usually a lack of space, but in reality, even this small area offers plenty of potential to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere outside. Make clever use of whatever space you have, but also avoid overdoing it and cluttering everything up.

Decorate Balcony for Christmas Despite a Lack of Space? No Problem!

balcony design for christmas and winter with lights and christmas figures

How do I decorate my balcony for Christmas? Table and seating area, walls, railings, floor, window, and balcony door and not forgetting the ceiling for hanging Christmas decorations: As you can see, there is no shortage of options. However, if you lack imagination, here are a few ideas that will hopefully inspire you to come up with even more ways to decorate your balcony for Christmas:

Decorate the Balcony Railing with Plants and More

balcony railings with plants lights or christmas garlands creations

The first thing that comes to mind is probably a Christmas balcony planting for the flower boxes, and yes, that is actually a wonderful idea. There are some plants that don’t mind the cold and that you can use for this purpose. In addition, you can also add a few Christmas plugs or lights (e.g. fairy lights) among the balcony plants or decorate the rest of the railing with homemade Christmas wreaths, garlands, or funny characters (e.g. Santa Claus climbing up the railing).

balcony christmas decorating in traditional or modern colors

Christmas garlands made of fir green and often with lights are not only popular, they are actually part of the whole festive spirit! If fir green is too traditional and boring for you, you can vary it with other evergreen branches or choose eucalyptus for a more modern look or Christmas tree ball ornaments in unusual colors.

The Seating Area Must Appear Cozy & Inviting in Winter

balcony christmas decorating with lights lanterns and candles

Cuddly blankets and pillows simply belong on the chair, sofa or bench. Then you can even spend a mild winter day outside and cover yourself up if necessary. A tablecloth or table runner with a Christmas design can also be added, and how about some decorations for the table? Place candles/lanterns and Christmas figures on a tray and spread out a little pine greenery. Add Christmas tree ball ornaments and pine cones, and why not one or two gingerbread houses or other figures?

decorate balcony for christmas with tray candles fir green and cones

Use the Floor for Larger Christmas Decorations

decorate balcony for christmas with plants lanterns or fir green in a basket for the floor

Lanterns, potted plants or fir greenery in a Christmas pot or basket and even a smaller Christmas tree: an empty corner or the space next to the seating area are ideal for such elements. The main thing is that they don’t get in the way.

You can also place a shelf and decorate it with what ever else you prefer. Or how about a tree stump, a wooden box or something similar to a side table on which you can also place some trendy 2023 Christmas decorations? Feel free to be creative when decorating your balcony for Christmas.

Decorate Balcony for Christmas: Ideas for the Walls & Ceiling

wall decoration at christmas time with self made christmas tree from driftwood

Bare walls and windows provide the perfect background for beautiful Christmas and winter decorations for the balcony. Vertical garlands or light chain curtains, for example, are really suitable alongside wreaths and have a huge influence on the atmosphere. How about creating a Christmas tree on the wall? This works wonderfully with driftwood or other sticks and is quick to make with yarn and small ball ornaments.

decorate balcony for christmas with hanging tree ball ornaments with tealights

You can also display decorations that hang freely from the ceiling. Glass pendants in which tea lights can be placed make the balcony look much more romantic and also provide pleasant lighting when it gets dark so early. Or how about a heart like this one displayed here? It can be bought blank and then designed individually and suitable for Christmas with ribbons, etc. You can find more ideas for homemade outdoor Christmas decorations here.

hanging christmas decoration for outdoors with heart and ribbons in red white

Remember that it can get windy in winter. Hence, you should attach hanging Christmas decorations to your balcony in a way that they can be removed quickly and easily or are protected from the wind.

Windows and Doors Can Also Be Decorated for Christmas

decorating balcony windows for christmas with cushions or other decorations on the windowsill

If you would like to decorate the balcony windows for Christmas, you can of course also use the window sill. It doesn’t always have to be flower boxes. You can also put everything you would use in the seating area there: from lanterns to Christmas figures and decorative cushions.

decorate balcony for christmas ideas for the door and windows

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