Christmas centerpiece ideas for round table: Find the most stunning decorations!

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Now that you’ve finished decorating the whole house it’s time to plan how you’re going to decorate your Christmas table. All the wonderful dishes you will serve to your family should complement perfectly with the right decor. But what is the right decor? That depends entirely on your preferences and what kind of table you have. If you have a round table, today’s the day to find out how to decorate it to make everyone feel the Christmas spirit while they have that delicious dinner. What are the Christmas centerpiece ideas for round table? Let’s dive in and find out!

Christmas centerpiece ideas for round table

christmas centerpiece ideas for round table how to decorate properly trendy wreath candles plates

Round tables are known for bringing people together. They also allow you to make use of all the space possible and the fact that they have no corners makes the environment more cozy. You can gather more people next to each other. When decorating it for Christmas the “dress to impress” rule applies with full force. But of course, your centerpiece has to be the star of the show. Choosing a centerpiece for a round table is actually easier than you think. According to some interior designers, keeping the round shape is a must. So avoid square or rectangle shapes, and pieces with a lot of edges. Now let’s check out some of the best suggestions for a round table centerpiece.

Christmas centerpiece for a round table: Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath with candles DIY craft art decoration for round table trendy


We are going to start with something simple, but stunning – the Christmas wreath. Putting wreaths only on your door is in the past. Now people use them to decorate their entire house. One of the current trends is actually decorating your mirror with a wreath. It is beautiful and unique. For your round table, a Christmas wreath with some candles and pine cones can be the best decision. You can use your last year and glue some decoration on it.

christmas wreath ideas centerpiece red flowers very trendy DIY

The Christmas wreath can be made with dried or artificial flowers as well. You can either DIY it or buy one that matches the ambiance of your home and the entire Christmas decoration.

rustic home pine cones christmas wreath with candles centerpiece how to decorate

You can also use pine branches to make a Christmas wreath and put some candles in the center. It will make the perfect centerpiece for your table, and it will give this rustic classy vibes.

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Figurine centerpiece on your round table

gold christmas decoration centerpiece deer with sparkles plates how to decorate ideas

If you want to try a different aproach for your Christmas table, you can try putting a nice figurine like this golden deer. You can match the figurine to your entire table setting, or you can choose it in another shade for a pop of color. You can also put a Santa Claus figurine or a snowman. Something Christmas-y will always put you in the mood and make the dinner even more delicious.

snow sleigh centerpiece for round table trends beautiful ideas how to decorate for christmas dinner

How to make the perfect centerpiece that will make your guests feel the Christmas spirit? Well, you can try to DIY fake artificial snow and sprinkle it on your table. This can be the ideal way to set your figurine as shown on the picture. If you are able to find a snow sleigh like this one, it will be perfect. If you have some candles to put on it, it will make the atmosphere more romantic and cozy.

Christmas tree centerpiece

christmas centerpiece decoration ideas for round tables fairy lights trendy

If you want to go all out with your Christmas centerpiece for your round table, it is the time to find the perfect real Christmas tree. It will not only look very chic, but it will also give that pine smile that we all adore at this time of the year. You can use wooden twigs and cones, beautifully decorated and arranged on the table, will create the atmosphere of a winter forest. With your family, you can make little mice out of pine cones and carefully place them next to the plates. This is the Eco style that we all want, since it is very trendy at the moment. You can also wrap the tiny Christmas tree in fairy lights.

aritificial small christmas tree for a centerpiece round table ideas how to decorate trendy

If you can’t find a Christmas tree that is tiny enough to fit on your round table, you can always use an artificial one. You can use a large round platter and arrange different decoration around the small tree and place it as your centerpiece.

Wood cut rounds

wood cut rounds christmas table centerpiece how to decorate ideas candles lanterns chic

Wood cut rounds are very easy to find during Christmas time. You can go to the nearest Christmas tree market and ask them to give you some. They are ideal when it comes to making a centerpiece for your round table. You can place pine branches on top, lanterns, candles, or you can DIY jar lanterns with fairy lights. Just get creative and think of what goes perfectly with your Christmas decoration.

round cutting board christmas decoration centerpiece round table ideas how to decorate arts and crafts

Making your round cutting board a centerpiece for your Christmas table can also be a great idea. If you are not plan on using it, you can place it at the center of your round table and put different Christmas decorations.

Christmas centerpiece ideas for round table: Try a cookie stand!

christmas centerpiece how to decorate your table trendy arts and crafts DIY

Using your wooden cookie tray to place Christmas decoration is giving a lot of retro vibes. The style of time-worn antiques is very trendy. In the center of the table, if space allows, you can place a small or a big cookie tray. You can also offer guests and family members cozy blankets, put lace doilies and beautiful white candles in antique candleholders.

More inspiration on how to decorate your round table on Christmas

Christmas wreath with candles dried fruits and leaves DIY arts and crafts

Dessert centerpiece

christmas dessert centerpiece ideas round table sweet inspiration

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christmas dinner setting how to decorate what centerpiece is good for a round table

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christmas menu for your guests to find for the dinner this holiday how to decorate your round table

Cute centerpiece for a round table 

round centerpiece christmas decoration ideas silver deer pine branches eco style

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Cookie stand centerpiece

cookie stand centerpiece christmas decoration trendy colorful

Plate decoration idea

how to decorate my plates for christmas dinner cookie beautiful dinning setting

Dark chic centerpiece idea 

dark color centerpiece idea for christmas table setting candles pine cones

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green christmas table setting beautiful details how to decorate ideas round table


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