Chic Christmas Mirror Decorations Ideas 2023 for Every Style

by Kristiyana

How can I decorate my mirror for Christmas 2023? How do you put garland on a mirror? What other decorations can you use?

Decorating for the winter holidays is a beloved activity by many, as it gets you in that pleasant festive mood, knowing that soon enough you will be enjoying fresh gingerbread cookies by the fireplace, and sipping hot cocoa with your family and friends. You might already have created a winter wonderland in your home, but did you think of decorating the mirror? Here’s how to add a beautiful accent to this piece that will tie your whole Christmas interior together!

Chic Christmas Mirror Decorations Ideas 2023 for Every Style

christmas mirror ideas for decorating 2023

With our help, you already found the perfect farmhouse Christmas table centerpiece and learned about the best Christmas tree alternatives for cat owners, but did you know that decorating your mirror for Christmas can add an extra dose of chic to any room? Whether you prefer a classic style or something more modern, our editorial team has picked out great and trendy ideas perfect for this year’s celebrations. But what elements can you incorporate when it comes to Christmas mirror decorations? What else can you use beside garlands?

How Can I Decorate My Mirror for Christmas?

First, take into consideration the size and shape of your mirror. If, for an example, you want to decorate a round mirror for Christmas, you can create a beautiful DIY wreath that matches the size of your mirror and set it up around it as a frame. When it comes to square-shaped mirrors, you can put up lights around the frame, garlands in different colors, ribbons, greenery, flowers, dried fruit slices, baubles, and other Christmas tree ornaments. Also, first make sure you know with what kind of style you want to go with. You would want something that matches the rest of your home interior.

Simple Mirror Decoration for a Classic Christmas Style

christmas mirror decorations ideas 2023

Now that you have an idea in your mind of what kind of items you can use for decorating your mirror for Christmas, we can begin with our inspiring ideas! Here we start simple with a regular large square-shaped mirror that has string lights set up in a similar to a triangle shape that ends with a wreath hung over it. The mirror is displayed on the fireplace mantel, which is a classic look. Here the mantel Christmas decorations are what add to the appeal of the mirror.

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How Do You Put Garland on a Mirror?

large mirror christmas decorations

Here is yet again another pretty simple and easy idea for Christmas mirror decorations. A fir green garland with pine cones and lights. How to hang the garland around your mirror? You can use floral wire to secure it around your mirror’s decorative trim. Or, you can also use double-sided tape or Command hooks on its back that will add extra security without being visible.

Here is a quick and easy video tutorial provided by Lovemarlynbarrera that shows how to hang a garland around a mirror.

Elegant Christmas Mirror Decoration Ideas

white elegant christmas mirror decoration idea

In need of a more elegant idea? Personally, this is one of my favorites! The mirror itself has that stylish antique look, and its silvery frame perfectly blends in with the white Christmas interior of the room. If you are going with a similar decorative style for your home, I would advise decorating your mirror with strings of pearls. You can easily find such in any craft store or other shop for decorations. Spraying a little bit of silver glitter over the mirror can also be a nice addition.

Round Mirror Christmas Decor 2023

round mirror christmas decor idea with lights

Another mesmerizing idea that will be hard to forget by your guests. As I previously mentioned, the garland mirror frame is a classic Christmas decoration idea, and adding string lights will give it an extra dose of spark and festivity. To set up the garland, wrap it around the mirror or its frame, and twist tightly where the two ends meet. If there are bits that you want to trim off, you can use wire cutters.

Vintage Christmas Mirror Decorations Idea

vintage christmas mirror decor idea

Want to go for a vintage look this year? If you don’t already have a mirror, you can easily find one in a thrift shop where they sell furniture or an antique store. Online auctions can also be a good place to look. Acquire a simple mirror, and use white spray paint on the frame carefully so that you don’t accidentally paint the mirror itself. Leave it to dry and when it’s ready, hang it over the fireplace, and decorate it with chic string lights with bulbs and snowflake ornaments.

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More Inspiring Christmas Mirror Decorations for 2023

large mirror christmas decorations ideas

Festive Christmas mirror decoration with snowy fir green garland & sparkly red bow

christmas mirror garland ideas

Simple & cute Christmas mirror decorations with red bows

festive christmas mirror decoration ideas 2023

Chic decoration with fir green branches, string lights & ornaments on one side

round mirror christmas decor

Large & thick snowy green garland decoration with pine cones

how can i decorate my mirror for christmas 2023

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