Decorating a balcony for Christmas 2022:12 trendy ideas for the best Christmas look!

by Kristiyana

This year, I am feeling like I want to spice things up a bit with my Christmas decor. I’ve already decorated my flat, but I can’t help but notice how sad my balcony looks without a single festive item displayed. All of us decorate our homes for the holidays, but we sometimes forget to also put some effort into doing this for our balconies. For this year, I am thinking of committing to the cause. What about you? Don’t you think your balcony needs a rapid Christmas makeover? Surely, it does! Luckily for you, I have gathered numerous trendy ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations and designs, and I will gladly share them with you so you can create the balcony of your dreams! Keep on reading and discover the top 12 trendiest ideas for decorating a balcony for Christmas!

1. White Christmas balcony 2022

white christmas decor_christmas decor for terrace

Let’s start our picks for ideas on decorating a balcony for Christmas with this chic white Christmas decor! If you are all about style, going with a white base for your Christmas balcony design will make it look elegant, but festive nonetheless! Take a lot of soft furry blankets and comfy pillows to create a cosy relaxing zone during winter.

2. Christmas candles decorations

christmas candles_christmas lights


We can’t have a Christmas without candles, can we? When it comes to choosing the perfect Christmas candles or candleholders, the decision can be quite difficult as there are so many designs to choose from! I personally purchase these items from the local stores in my neighbourhood, as they are often cheap. However, I also happen to know that there are plenty of fun and easy DIY ideas that you can try to make Christmas candleholders.

3. Festive decor for balcony table

christmas table for balcony_apartement balcony for christmas

In need of more balcony Christmas ideas? You have come to the right place! If you sometimes like to dine on your balcony, and want to add some merry to your spirit while doing so, then this look is just for you! Create a pleasant time for you and your family by covering the balcony table with а Christmas tablecloth, displaying a few pine cones, candles and any other festive decorations of your choosing.

4. Boho chic Christmas balcony 2022

chic christmas decor_chic balcony decor for christmas

What’s not to love about a combination of a Boho chic design and Christmas decorations? This balcony is much less flashy, than your usual Christmas decor, but it creates a cosy and pleasant atmosphere through the cold winter days nonetheless. Deciding to go with large rustic lanterns, faux fur and an abundance of greenery will create a chill, but also chic balcony to watch the snow from.

5. Christmas by the beach balcony

colourful christmas decor_beach christmas decor

I surprised you with this balcony Christmas idea, didn’t I? When I saw it, I immediately fell in love and wished that I had a beach house with this Christmas balcony design. However, no one said you have to live by the beach to have this gorgeous look. You can always decorate your flat’s balcony with similar to these lavish decorations and textures. And, don’t forget to add a lot of colour for a unique design!

6. Romantic Christmas balcony

balcony with table decor_christmas table for balcony

Christmas is a time that makes us think of our loved ones, more specifically, about what gift should we get them this year, hah. Why not share your holiday cheer with your better half by spending a lovely romantic night on your illuminated Christmas balcony? As I myself am a hopeless romantic, this idea seems like something worth trying out.

7. Balcony lights and garlands

garlands decor_christmas garlands for terrace

And we can’t leave our balcony without the essential Christmas decorations! Display a variety of different garlands, ornaments, string lights, Christmas bells and other festive items on your balcony terrace to decorate it with cheer and merry for the holidays! Ho Ho Ho!

8. Cosy Christmas balcony 2022

christmas decorations 2022_christmas decoration ideas 2022

Another lovely choice for a cosy Christmas balcony look. The gentle glow of a few candles, lanterns, and a string of Christmas tree lights will create a soft lighting for your balcony. I can already picture myself there, drinking hot cocoa, covered by a thick and warm blanket, and suddenly drifting off to sleep. Ah, magical!

9. Reindeer balcony decorations

outdoor christmas decor_reindeer lights

Look at these luminous, cute reindeer lights! How could one resist them? If you are looking for an original take to the traditional Christmas string lights, you can go with these little reindeer figurines and light up your balcony terrace with style! You can even combine them with other pairs of string lights and create your very own lighting show on the balcony!

10. Christmas ornaments decoration

christmas terrace decor_christmas garlands

If you are looking for more ideas on decorating a balcony for Christmas, here is another design that you might enjoy. Place little pine trees on each corner of your terrace and cover them with strings of lights. Display beautiful and intricate Christmas garlands with ribbons, ornaments, and glitter to top!

11. Classic Christmas balcony 2022

balcony christmas ideas_christmas decoration ideas

For those who prefer the traditional Christmas decorations, I think this design will delight you. Create this enchanting Christmas scene by decorating your trees all in red, and selecting pairs of string lights with a soft golden glow. Acquire lanterns, candleholders, and candles in the same red colour and bring the Christmas spirit to your balcony this winter!

12. Christmas wreath for balcony


balcony christmas wreath_christmas wreaths

And we can’t decorate a balcony for Christmas without a festive wreath, of course! A wreath is an essential part of the Christmas holiday, and there are numerous designs you can pick from. It can be something more simple, or extravagant, it’s your choice. You can go out and buy one, but wouldn’t it be more enjoyable and cheaper if you made one by yourself! Give it a try, it’s pretty easy!

I hope you had fun while looking at these trendy ideas for decorating a balcony for Christmas 2022! Surely by now you have selected your favourite looks and are thinking of how to create them for your own balcony. Going with any of these ideas will definitely bring cheer and merry to your balcony, while at the same time make it look stylish and cosy! Happy holidays everyone!

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