2021 Christmas Balcony Decorating Ideas to Welcome the Holiday Season

by Kremy

Preparing for the holiday season we try to decorate our house as festively as possible. We decorate a Christmas tree, we hang garlands, look for interesting craft ideas, etc. But many of us forget to decorate the balcony and this is an important part of any apartment. We have collected some of the most inspiring Christmas balcony decorating ideas which will help you welcome the holiday season!

Christmas Balcony Decorating Ideas to Welcome the Holiday Season

With less than a month until Christmas, it is time to start planning the decoration. If you already have an idea of the living room or kitchen, consider whether you miss any part of the home. That’s right, the balcony. Staying outdoors is relaxing even in winter. The main thing is to decorate the open spaces with some items that make your stay there comfortable. How cozy can your balcony be? If you want to add a couple of cute touches to your outdoor space then you will love this article!

What Christmas Decorations Can You Use for the Balcony?

Christmas Decorations Ideas You Can Use for the Balcony


On the balcony, just like in all other rooms, you can arrange a real Christmas fairy tale. You can use different items. It is not at all necessary to buy decorations for your balcony decor. Everyone has felt patches, ribbons, beads that can be used for creating a festive Christmas décor on the balcony. Use your imagination or these fantastic Christmas balcony decorating ideas for your outdoor space. However, there are some simple rules that you need to observe.

When choosing Christmas balcony decorations, be guided by its type – whether you have a closed or open space.

You should not decorate an open space with paper decorations, as they are not durable and resistant to elements. Paper decorations are suitable for glazed balconies.

It is a great idea to decorate the balcony with Christmas tree ornaments. You can fix them to a garland of conifers, just make sure that the ornaments are suitable for outdoor use.

Festive Christmas compositions can be arranged in the corner of the balcony with whatever materials you have available. For example, you can fill a metal bucket with wooden logs, arrange candles and lanterns, add soft blankets and Christmas themed throw pillows, etc.

Christmas decorations made from natural materials, such as pine cones, citrus fruits and nuts are ideal for the balcony.

Christmas Balcony Decorating Ideas – Garlands, Wreaths and Fairy Lights

Garlands Wreaths and Fairy Lights Christmas Balcony Decorating Ideas

Conifers feel more comfortable at lower temperatures and do not lose their needles as quickly as in a heated house. That’s why a living Christmas tree in a pot is perfect for decorating your balcony for Christmas. Fir garlands are an easy way to spruce up the outside of your home for Christmas. Fir and spruce branches combined with fairy lights are ideal for the balcony. These can easily be attached with plastic straps along the railing.

Another way to decorate the balcony for Christmas is with wreaths. A large wreath with a red bow is a real eye-catcher on the railing of a small balcony. You can also arrange several wreaths. Always make sure that these are well attached to the railing so that they do not fly away in strong winds.

outdoor Christmas decor ideas coniferous garland on balcony railing

Balcony decorations from conifers can be decorated with ribbons, cones, bells, tinsel, unbreakable Christmas tree toys, plastic beads, etc. Lights always create an enchanting atmosphere. When choosing Christmas fairy lights, make sure that they are suitable for outdoor use and withstand the cold, snow and rain. When it comes to design, you have many options to choose from. The market offers a huge variety of models – with white or colored lights, snowflakes or stars, with 50 or 500 lights, etc.

Decorate the Balcony Windows

How to Decorate the Balcony Windows


Glazed balconies have a lot of glass panels which are perfect for all sorts of decorations. The main theme of Christmas window decorating has always been and remains snowflakes. They can be of different shapes, sizes and colors. Use toothpaste and stencils for your snowflakes. These are easily found on the Internet. You can also find templates for images of Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Dwarfs, Reindeer, various fairy-tale animals, etc. You can also hang garlands and compositions in red-gold / silver tones on the balcony window.


Balcony Christmas Decoration ideas garlands tree ornaments

beautiful Christmas decorating ideas for your balcony

Christmas balcony decor ideas trees lanterns

Christmas seasonal decoration ideas for the balcony

Decorate the balcony for Christmas trees lanterns candles

fir garland on balcony Christmas decor ideas

garland and wreath on the balcony festive christmas decor

How to decorate your balcony for Christmas

outdoor Christmas decorating ideas balcony decor


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