Over 60 bob hairstyles: What bob haircuts are currently in style for women over 60?

by Gabby

Bob hairstyles are back in style, and we all love that! Ladies, whether you are aging gracefully and accepting your gray hair, or you are experimenting with some colors, it is always good to give your hairstyle a new twist. If you want to look absolutely fashionable with minimum effort, and create this chic look, you have to try wearing a bob hairstyle! What are the over 60 bob hairstyles that you can choose from? Are you bold enough to wear short hair? I will try to inspire you today!

The over 60 bob hairstyles: What are the best trends for 2022?

over 60 short hair bob for women how to wear it trendy hairstyles chic

There is nothing more refreshing that visiting the hair salon and walking out with a brand new haircut. The bob is certainly a timeless hairstyle and there are so many different ways. It is almost impossible not to find the right one for your face shape and what goes well with your hair. Most of the bob hairstyles require cutting your hair. However, when choosing your haircut over 60, you have to take into consideration that you need something more simple. You may be experiencing some hair thinking, which is completely normal. That means that you should choose something that does not need styling with heat every day. Essentially, you need to find something that is low-maintenance, but will give you the trendy and chic style that you need! Check out a few of the best choice for women over 60 that want to try out a bob hairstyle!

1. Face-shaping bob with bangs for women over 60

classic bob hairstyle with bangs for women over 60 how to wear it proudly chic feminine


You want to feel youthful and give your face a lift? Try wearing this face-shaping bob with bangs! It will certainly give your face a more subtle look and the bangs will hide some of these lines that you may want to get rid of. Because of its shape, this style will also create the illusion that you have more volume in your hair. This is for the women with a thicker hair, as it may look a little dull if you have thin hair. It goes with every hair shade that you prefer, whether you have gray, white, dark, blonde or red hair. There are also different types of bangs for women over 60 that you can adapt this year.

2. Over 60 pixie bob hairstyles

over 60 pixie bob hairstyles women gray hair how to wear it trendy chic

The Pixie bob hairstyle comes in so many various that it is almost impossible to resist not to try it! It is perfect for creating volume, because of its layers, and it is certainly going to make you look stunning! It will also adapt to every face shape and hair color. Do you want a low-maintenance haircut? I think this is the one for you. When are you planning to make an appointment to the hair salon? I think you are ready to erase this elegant hairstyle and wear it proudly! I should also mention, that this is one of the bob hairstyles that will give you the most youthful glow and appearance. You can check some of the best inspirations on how to wear pixie haircut.

3. Curly hair bob

how to wear curly hair bob when you are over 60 women hairstyles trends 2022 chic

You have a curly hair, and you are wondering what to do with it? Try out this bob for curly hair, and you will fall in love with it! Having curly hair means that you already have a lot of volume. Adapting this haircut will give your hair a new life and make you look a lot younger! You can layer it, or you can cut it into a classic curly hair bob. Both ways will give you the classy look. How to style it? You can use products, especially creams for curly hair. There is no need to apply heat.

4. Asymmetrical bob hairstyle for over 60

over 60 asymmetrical bob hairstyle what are the trends for 2022 how to wear it face shaping volume

Do you have an oval face? If you want to have a haircut that goes perfectly well with your face shape, then this asymmetrical bob hairstyle is for you to try out! It is a variation of the pixie cut, however it shapes your face in the best way possible. If you have thin hair, and you are over 60 than this is an extant choice for you. There are also different various of this bob as well. If you do not want your hair that short, you can make it medium length and still adapt this haircut.

5. Inverted bob with bangs

inverted bob with bangs over 60 hairstyles trends 2022 how to look young

You want to have volume in your hair and look rejuvenated? Inverted bob hairstyle with bangs will make you look like you just drank a glass of water from the fountain of youth! The haircut will soften your face features. You can wear it with side bangs or the classic bangs. It also does the perfect job of shaping your face. Plan your appointment now, so you can look absolutely stunning and in style for the holidays!

Other ideas on how to wear bob for women over 60

layers bob how to create more volume thick hair over 60 hairstyles

Classic medium length bob with bangs 

Classic medium length bob with bangs for women over 60 how to wear it proudly chic stunning trendy

Side bangs bob hairstyle 

over 60 side bangs bob hairstyle trends 2022 women haircut how to wear it

Classic short hair bob

over 60 bob hairstyles what lenght to wear what are the current trends for 2022 fashion style

Face-framing bob with side bangs 

how to frame your face over 60 and look younger bob hairstyle side bangs trendy 2022

How to wear short bob hairstyle for brown hair with blonde highlights? 

short hair bob for brown hair women over 60 how to look younger and chic in 2022

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