Christmas window painting ideas with chalk markers: these free templates and stencils will help

by Kremy

Chalk markers have been adorning windows at Christmas time for a number of years now, because they have proven to be very easy to use and can be easily and completely removed at the end of the festive season. So if you haven’t got a chalk marker fever yet, it’s about time! And you don’t even need to have a talent for drawing, because with printed stencils everyone can create excellent motifs on the window panes. We’ll provide you with some nice printables that you can use for your Christmas window painting.

How to use chalk markers properly for Christmas window painting?

Christmas window painting ideas with chalk markers Christmas wreath

So that your chalk Christmas window paintings can last a long time in wind and weather in winter, they are of course painted on the inside of the window pane. But not only that is necessary, a clean glass is a must, of course. Therefore, prepare the pane and the templates for the Christmas window decoration:

Prepare the windows and templates:

  • Clean the window pane with a grease-dissolving detergent. Normal window cleaner is quite sufficient.
  • Prepare the selected Christmas window stencils for printing by simply printing them out.
  • In the meantime, the windows should be dry so you can start.

Paint windows for Christmas a snowy landscape made of paper


Start your Christmas window painting:

  • Tape the image to the outside of the window, with the image facing in.
  • The stencil does not have to stick for a long time, so thorough cleaning in advance is not absolutely necessary. Nonetheless, the tape will not stick well to a surface that is too dusty.
  • Now you can draw the picture from the inside by simply tracing the contours.
  • Chalk markers are not only available in white. You can even paint your windows with colored motifs for Christmas.

Note: If you use templates with lettering, you should consider beforehand from which side of the window this should be read. If it is for indoor use, print it normally. However, if it is to be legible from the readable, it must be mirrored.

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Christmas window painting and display cabinets design ideas

decorate the display cabinets in the kitchen or in the living room with chalk pens

You can not only design the room windows in this way. The panes of the interior doors or the display cabinets can also be painted for Christmas like the windows. You can use our chalk marker window templates this way if you want. It is best to base your choice of color on the contents of the cabinet. You should choose colors for the chalk pens.

Free printable chalk marker templates for Christmas

Paint windows for Christmas colors in winter

Check out our templates below that we have created for you for free. You can also edit and enlarge them if necessary to make an individual Christmas window decoration. Use the motifs to create entire landscapes or let your children combine Christmas motifs as they please and paint the windows in a Christmassy way.

Modern Christmas tree motif with zigzag line to print

Decorate windows for Christmas with a modern wreath of mistletoe and green fir

Window painting for Christmas mistletoe and pine wreath

Winter flower, reindeer and mistletoe in a modern design

Winter flower romantic twig and reindeer print and use as template

Awesome winter window painting ideas


Christmas window decorating ideas modern Christmas motifs

Christmas window painting with chalk pens

Window painting Christmas templates snowman fir tree star and mistletoe

Paint windows for Christmas with chalk pens – template for a frame

winter window painting ideas lovely frame for tracing on the window pane

Fairy lights and Christmas tree

Christmas window painting templates for fairy lights and Christmas tree

Cool Christmas templates for decorating your windows

Gift and beautiful patterns to transfer to the window panes

Window Chalk Markers – Decorate with unique images

Print out the big snowflake and stick it to the window to trace

Christmas garland

Decorate the windows with painted garlands

Paint a landscape of fir trees

Free printable stencils for chalk marker images fir star and stocking

Draw a large star on the window

Large star as a window decoration for the glass pane

Christmas tree with snow, baubles and a star topper

Create a winter landscape on windows with a fir tree in the snow

Decorate windows for Christmas with a large Christmas tree ornament

Christmas bauble with candy canes and stars

Santa’s sleigh and happy snowman

Santas sleigh reindeers and jolly snowman

Reindeer and fir trees

Winter decoration for glass surfaces Christmas trees and reindeer

Angel in a crescent moon

Christmas window painting angel in the crescent moon

Christmas window painting ideas – Snowflake and Christmas balls

winter window painting ideas coloring pages for christmas

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