Adorable Christmas window decorations and some craft ideas

by Kremy

Window decoration for christmas golden stars candles garlands

Christmas is a wonderful time, which includes beautiful decorations in the house. One important place that you should not miss, are your windows. The beautiful Christmas window decorations welcome your guests and strangers who can see them from the road. Isn’t it just wonderful to come home after a long day at work and see the decorated windows that invite you and promise you a festive atmosphere? Outdoor festive decorations always bring a smile on everyone’s face.

Christmas window decorations with candles, lights and wreaths

christmas window decorations string lights stars


Nothing can brighten a window as candles and lights. Arrange candles on the sill with fir twigs, nuts or tree ornaments. The shiny balls will reflect the light magically in the room. Hang string lights to create a real magic.

beautiful christmas window decorations christmas wreaths

Decorate the window with Christmas wreaths. You can buy finished wreaths or decorate plain wreaths with bows and ornaments. The color and style of the wreath should complement the exterior of your home or office. Christmas mesh wreaths are especially popular as a DIY project for the holidays

Christmas window decorations – snowflakes and drawings

awesome decor ideas garland paper snowflakes window banners

Snowflakes made of paper are an easy craft and will sparkle nicely on a window when they are decorated with glittering paint. Bind them with threads and ribbons with different lengths so that the snowflakes are hanging at different heights. Attach the ribbons in the area above so that the tape does not remain on the glass when you remove the decorations.

 decor ideas string lights deer candles


If you have artistic abilities, you can easily learn how to make a rag wreath or choose washable colorful paints which are suitable for Christmas window decorations. Paint snow landscapes, Christmas trees with gifts, gingerbread men, candy canes or other scenes that come to your mind. Alternatively, just use artificial spray snow.

easy DIY Christmas window decorating ideas white pillar candles

 Quick and easy idea

diy decoration ideas easy christmas craft ideas

 Festive decoration in red and white

 decorations lanterns christmas tree ornaments

Festive lights decoration ideas

Christmas window decorating ideas red christmas star candles

 Beautiful ornaments and candles

Christmas window decorating ideas candles gold ornaments

The decoration of the White House

white house decoration christmas wreaths

 A lovely decor in silver and red

christmas tree sivler red ornaments window decoration ideas

 Beautiful garland and wreath in the hallway

awesome decor ideas green garland wreath hallway decoration

 An easy DIY banner

DIY-quick ideas tree ornaments banner

 White paper trees

white trees deer ornaments

 DIY paper snowflakes

 ideas paper stars banners

 A DIY paper wreath with snowflakes

DIY christmas decorations paper snowflakes

Christmas window decor ideas lights

 ideas christmas tree ornaments

christmas window-decorations ideas white tree with lights

budget ideas postcards banner

awesome decor ideas garland red ornaments

awesome ideas white candles wreath

awesome ideas advent calendar stars


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