20 wonderful Christmas decoration ideas for you front door

by Kremy

Christmas front door decoration garlands of lights and greenery

Decorating for Christmas is always a pleasant task that brings so much fun. Your decoration will not be complete until you have decorated your front door. It is the threshold of your home and you should not neglect it in any way. To help your inspiration we have prepared 20 wonderful Christmas decoration ideas for you front door so that everyone feels welcome to your house for the holidays.

Christmas front door decoration wreath in white red ribbon


It will be a good idea to decorate your door in a way that it will stand out . It is up to your personal taste of course. Some people love the avalanche of lights, evergreens, ornaments, ribbons while others prefer a more minimalist approach. With our ideas for Christmas decoration for you front door we shall try to show something for every taste. There are several different ways that you can decorate your front door. The traditional door decoration would be of garlands of evergreens thickened with red ribbons, lights and fir cones. If you have already used all available ornaments you have at home and feel like you haven’t got enough for your front door you can always buy some extra balls, white snowflakes and shiny stars.

Christmas front door decoration arch of green garland

The Christmas decoration ideas for you front door are so numerous – the old sleigh of your children can be transformed into a magnificent door decoration with just a few fir or pine twigs, some red balls and a huge shiny ribbon. Create a welcoming arch of garlands or put a small tree at the threshold with twinkling lights. Add wreath accents to the windows or the door knocker. Sprinkle your porch with snowflakes, add some bare branches with a few silver balls, some potted poinsettias and you will achieve a most warming welcoming effect.

Christmas front door decoration basket on door wreaths on windows

Christmas front door decoration discrete wreath with cones

Christmas front door decoration garland wreath white poinsettia

Christmas front door in silver and white

Christmas front door decoration green fir garland with lights and matching wreath

Christmas decor in simple white

Christmas front door decoration symmetry pots of greenery central wreath

Christmas decoration traditional colours wreath

Christmas traditional garland above door

Christmas white wreath

decoration ideas for your front door decorated sleigh

Christmas ideas fir garland wreath with star

Christmas front door wreath and garland traditional colours

Christmas front door wreath made of paper

  Christmas door wreath with chalkboard

decoration ideas for your front door knocker with ribbon

 decoration ideas for your front door red wreath and vases red flowers


elegant christmas garland and wreath




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