Snowman wreath ideas – how to make a gorgeous Christmas wreath

by Kremy

snowman wreath ideas how to make deco mesh snowman wreath

Snowman wreath ideas are probably among the cutest Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree, the Snowman, Santa and the reindeer are one of the most traditional symbols of the holiday. Snowman wreaths are so much fun and add so much color and joy to the Christmas decoration indoors and outdoors. We selected a variety of ideas to help you make one for your home or as a gift for your friends and family.

Deco mesh snowman wreath ideas – tips and instructions

snowman wreath ideas deco mesh snowman wreath christmas wreaths for front door


Hanging a Christmas wreath on the door is a beautiful tradition. Typically, Christmas wreaths are made of evergreen branches from shrubs like holly or branches of fir as the sharp needles at the tips scare away witches and evil spirits. Nowadays, however, the variety of decorations is so huge, that there are virtually thousands of ideas that can satisfy every taste. Christmas wreaths vary not only in size and color but in materials. Snowman wreath ideas also come in a variety of colors, patterns and materials. Deco mesh is one of the most popular materials for making wreaths for almost every holiday. It is easy to work with and even if you are not very skillful, you will have a pretty and good looking design. So, how to make it yourself? Here is what you need:

  • 2 wreath forms (a small and large);
  • white mesh
  • orange felt for the nose
  • styrofoam or plastic hat cut in half
  • cardboard and black paint for eyes and mouth
  • a hot glue gun

deco mesh snowman wreath front door christmas wreath


Put the smaller wreath form inside the bigger one and fix them firmly. Sew a carrot from the orange felt which will be the nose of the snowman. Cut mesh into 20-25 cm pieces (9 or 10 inch). Start attaching the mesh to the base. Continue adding mesh ruffles until you complete the design. Use a hot glue gun to attach the hat, nose and eyes.

Original and fun snowman wreath ideas from different materials

snowman wreath ideas creative front door christmas decorations diy snowman wreath

There are many more original and fun ideas and you can use different materials. You can craft a Christmas wreath and decorate it with a snowman. You can find various types of snowmen in every craft store. You can make a snowman from old socks, for example, or use felt pieces to sew it. Those who are skilled at knitting could use yarn to decorate their Christmas wreath and add a knitted snowman. Add some Christmas ornaments, a holiday greeting, snowflakes, silver glitter to make it even more festive and eye catching! You want to be unusual and creative? No problem! Cut round pieces of wood, paint them white and fix them together to shape your cute snowman. Add the finishing touches with orange and black paint, add a scarf and your super cool design is ready! Enjoy the gallery below and find the most inspiring snowman wreath ideas.

snowman wreaths christmas decoration cloth with merry christmas

easy diy christmas wreaths yarn wreath

easy diy christmas wreaths front door

easy diy christmas wreaths door

diy christmas wreaths ideas

christmas decorations diy winter wreath

how to make deco mesh front door christmas decor

easy snowman mesh wreath how to make deco mesh

deco mesh winter wreaths how to make

deco mesh christmas wreaths ideas diy

deco mesh snowman

cute pom pom wreath

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