How to make a rag wreath – cool DIY wreath ideas with cheap materials

rag wreath ideas DIY holiday decoration garden decoration ideas

We have already discussed how to make a mesh wreath, how to make a cork wreath, how to make a tulle wreath and today we will show you how to make a rag wreath because this is an excellent idea for DIY projects fans. Many people consider leftover textile pieces as garbage and they are wrong. Creativity has no boundaries and making decoration with rag is a fantastic upcycling idea. Rag wreaths can be crafted as decorations for various holidays and they will add an especially joyful mood because of the vibrant colors.

How to make a rag wreath – list of materials

How to make a rag wreath DIY wreath ideas easy decoration ideas

Every craft idea begins with a list of materials. You can start with crafting a simple design and if you are more experienced with crafts, you may opt for a richer design. Both ways, you will need a base and the following materials:

  • Wire base – this is the most suitable and easy to work with
  • Pieces of fabric about 10-12 cm. each (4-5”)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Tutorial with pictures

colorful rag wreath ideas DIY wreath instrictions tutorial step by step

There is no need to ponder too much how to make a rag wreath as this is a really easy idea. It requires a bit of patience, though, but the final result will be worthy.

Step 1

How to make a rag wreath DIY rag wreath materials

How to make a rag wreath step by step instructions step 1 cut the fabric

Cut the fabric into strips, 5 cm (1.5″) wide and 10-12 cm. (4-5”) long.

Step 2

How to make a rag wreath step by step instructions step 2

How to make a rag wreath step by step instructions step 2 tie the strips simple knot

step by step instructions step 2 arrange the strips

Tie the strips one by one on your form. You can organize the strips by color, by pattern, or any way that pleases you. It will be easier to start with the inner ring of the base and finish with the outer. Tie the strips as close as possible to each other, the more strips you tie, the fuller the wreath.

Step 3

How to make a rag wreath step by step instructions step 3

Add different embellishments, hang the wreath and enjoy!

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