How to make a mesh wreath – deco mesh wreath tutorial with pictures

white gold wreath white christmas ornaments front door

Festive wreaths made of mesh look absolutely lush and attractive. In this article, we shall show you how to make a mesh wreath with the help of a simple deco mesh wreath tutorial. To complete a deco mesh wreath project you will need a few hours on a Sunday, some fantasy and creativity.

How to make a mesh wreath – list of materials

DIY Christmas ideas deco mesh blue mesh white snowflakes

Deco mesh wreaths can be crafted in different colors for the relevant occasion or holiday. For autumn-themed wreaths, you will need the color palette of fall – orange, brown shades, yellow and some green. For a spring mood use brighter colors – purple, blue, bright yellow, pink, etc. Summer colors would be the blue or sandy, bright sunny yellow and Christmas can be honored with either red and white, traditional green and red or blue and white combinations. Let’s get to the question of how to make a mesh wreath. Here is a list of the materials

  • Wire wreath frame
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • zip (or wire) ties
  • Scissors
  • wire cutters.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Deco Mesh
  • Embellishments – ribbons, small wooden letters, holiday ornaments, etc

How to make a mesh wreath – tutorial step by step

awesome deco mesh wreath Christmas decoration front door decoration

To make a beautiful deco mesh wreath requires a bit of patience but the good news is that you do not need to have any special skills.

Step 1 – Paint the wire wreath frame

You may want to paint the wire wreath frame so that it is not visible or skip that step.

 wreath tutorial

 tutorial instructions step 1

Step 2 – Attach the mesh to the base.

deco wreath tutorial step by step instructions 2 attaching the mesh

deco wreath tutorial step by step instructions step 2

deco wreath tutorial step by step instructions step 2

Start attaching the mesh to the outer ring of the base. Pinch one end of the deco mesh about 20 cm (8″) wide and attach it to the wreath. Continue decorating the wreath with mesh ruffles until you complete the circle.

Step 3 – Attach the mesh poufs on the inner circle of the base

How to make a wreath step by step tutorial step 3

deco wreath tutorial step by step instructions step 3

Repeat step 2, this time attaching the mesh poufs on the inner circle of the base. Keep going until you’ve worked all the way around the frame. Finish off the wreath by cutting the deco mesh.

 Step 4 – Decorate your wreath with embellishments 

 step by step tutorial step 4 decorate

Decorate your wreath with embellishments – add ribbons, wooden letters, Christmas tree ornaments or if you are crafting wrath for any other occasion – just use the relative decoration. Your wreath is ready to be hung and you have the answer to the question of how to make a mesh wreath!

Mesh wreath – decoration ideas and images

winter decorations blue white

mesh wreath ideas traditional colors red white green

winter decorations door wreath ideas

Christmas ideas deco front door decoration ideas

Frozen white blue colors

tutorial Frozen wreath

white christmas wreath silver snowflakes tutorial

tutorial with pictures red green white

How to make Christmas deco wreath tutorial

How to make a mesh wreath for Christmas tutorial white red

How to make a wreath Christmas tutorial traditional colors

How to make a mesh Christmas

How to make a mesh Christmas wreath ideas red white

beautiful Christmas wreaths blue white colors tree ornaments



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