Malm fireplace – a touch of fabulous retro chic indoors and outdoors

by Kremy

freestanding malm fireplace space saving ideas small living room

Very often you may hear that a Malm fireplace is described as iconic. Beautiful and very stylish, the freestanding fireplaces are perfect for a mid century modern interiors. Malm manufactures free-standing, wood burning and gas fireplaces since 1960 and the design has been highly popular and appreciated ever since. The patented design provides a nearly complete burn with a minimum of ash pollution.

classic malm fireplace design mid century modern interior


The idea of manufacturing freestanding fireplaces began as a weekend hobby of some of the Malm employees and eventually grew to a full business. The classic design of the freestanding fireplace provides a clear view of the burning fire from different angles. How cool is that! You can install it in a modern interior and it will not look absurd. You can easily fit the it in a rustic or traditional interior and it will blend in seamlessly. Small living rooms or bedrooms will look particularly cozy and attractive with a freestanding fireplace designed by Malm and despite the limited space you will be able to enjoy the open fire.

white malm fireplace modern home classic design

rustic home decor freestanding fireplace ideas

modern home interior design living room ideas malm fireplace

freestanding fireplace living room malm indoor firepalce orange finish

malm freestanding fireplace small living room design ideas

malm fireplace space saving frieplace ideas open fire small living room ideas

malm fireplace ideas living room fireplace ideas

 ideas contemporary home modern interior suspended

living room interior black bookshelves white stools

living room fireplace ideas freestanding

copper finish living room ideas freestanding rustic decor

elegant freestanding midcentury modern style

red malm outdoor fireplace space saving ideas small patio

One of the biggest advantages of a freestanding fireplace is that radiates heat more efficiently. Another big advantage is that an outdoor Malm fireplace does not take up valuable space and you can place it in a corner of a small backyard. If you think of having one in the garden or the patio, fireplaces by Malm are ideal. They are offered in a variety of color finishes and a bold color will stand out as a focal point. The simple and classic look combined with a bold finish color will be a complement for any living space – indoors or outdoors.

small patio ideas freestanding fireplace lounge built in benches

small patio ideas freestanding space saving fireplace design

malm outdoor freplace ideas small patio design ideas space saving

malm outdoor corner design small patio ideas privacy fence

Malm outdoor fireplace backyard freestanding

garden fireplace ideas freestanding outdoor furniture

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