Hanging fireplace – design solutions for modern home heating systems

by Kremy

wood burning hanging fireplace designs contemporary interior deisng

There is no doubt that a hanging fireplace is the focal point in modern interior design projects. If you wish, such fireplaces are a symbolic protest against the standard idea of functionality and practicality.

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The design of this type of fireplaces was developed nearly half a century ago, and many manufacturers offer a wide range of models which are capable to satisfy every demand of the customers.

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The fireplaces can be set almost anywhere in the room due to the relatively low weight.

The modern charm of a hanging fireplace

fireplace design hanging fireplace contemporary living room interior

A hanging fireplace looks modern and innovative, even unusual as the structure is not attached to the floor but to the ceiling or to the wall surface.

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The fireplace looks light and floating in the air which creates a feeling of uniqueness and the interior space design looks absolutely original. The ultra modern vision of hanging fireplaces is widely popular in modern and hi-tech interior designs.

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The construction of the fireplace can be in any shape and feature strict geometry or incredible organic curves.

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Most fireplaces are made of metal which significantly reduces their weight (no more than 160 kg) as they are hung directly to the chimney. The only condition for installing such a spectacular fireplace is the ability of the ceiling to withstand the weight.

How to choose a hanging fireplace?

modern fireplaces design modern home heating ideas

Before choosing your hanging fireplace you need to determine the place where it will be installed. The right location is very important and is directly connected with the size of the fireplace.


hanging fireplace designs modern home interior ideas

As it is a major element in the interior of the room you have to choose the adequate size so that you get the necessary heat. Of course, the design and the visual appeal of the freestanding fireplace has to fit with the interior of the room.

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Luckily, suspended fireplaces come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles and you will easily find more traditional or ultra modern designs.

modern fireplaces suspended fireplaces designs

Finally, you need to decide what type of fuel you are going to use – wood, gas, electric power, pellets – so that your freestanding fireplace is not only spectacularly looking but energy efficient as well.

modern fireplace designs contemporary living room interior

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